03/08: Prologue: The Ashcroft Brothers!

Sir Robert Holmes will be a major player in the VOID storyline. In the course of our lives, we meet few men willing to sacrifice everything, including their reputation, in order to do the right thing. Sir Holmes is one of those men.

Of course, “Holmes” is a tribute to another famous Scotland Yard detective who lived on Baker Street in London. I am, of course, speaking of that witty rascal, Sherlock. Elementary for you, dear reader!  :)

When I “see” Sir Holmes, I picture the late, great & distinguished British actor, James Mason. Mason was a finalist to play James Bond in Dr. No (1962) before Sean Connery was cast in a career-making move.

The face of Sir Robert Holmes (James Mason)

So what’s behind that mysterious door that seems to have “appeared” overnight? Let’s find out together!

Coming Next: Behind the Door!

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