11/12 – The Strands of Void: Basil Hato, the Dove of War!

Welcome to part 11/12 of the special feature, The Strands of the Void.  In this 12-part series, I’ve been spotlighting characters and themes found in Void that stretch either from Dogwoods Blush or, most of all, forward into Dove of War.  This week, let’s look at the star of the show, in my opinion, the most powerful and complex character existing in the “Bill Cain Universe!”  He is Basil Tobruk, Duke of Wallachia, Prince of Romania, son of Constantine.  But his friends … and enemies … generally call him Basil Hato, the Dove of War!

Born in the tiny Transylvanian village of Tobruk in 1425, young Basil is the son of a Romanian Prince (Constantine) and his Japanese wife, Kazuko.  Nicknamed “Hato,” or “Dove” by his Samurai grandfather (Taro), Basil was beloved throughout the land and built a reputation as a benevolent ruler determined to rule through peace.

Basil Hato, as depicted by MARVEL COMICS' legendary illustrator, Joe Sinnott! This is certainly one of my prized pieces of comic art in my entire collection!

Alas, it was Basil’s misfortune to sit upon the throne of his people during a time of civil war when a power-mad warlord named Vlad Tepes attempted to usurp the throne by means of force, intimidation, and the help of the Devil!  Sending a barbarian army led by the sadistic Alexandru Vasilie into Tobruk, Tepes forced Basil to make a choice between peace and war!  The rest, as they say, is history! (or at the very least, my newest novel)!  :)

The Dove of Peace must depart to make way for the coming of ... the Dove of WAR!

The “Tragedy of Basil Hato” is the tale told in my 2012 novel, Dove of War! It is the direct sequel to 2009′s I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush.  What part does this 15th century prince play in the story of Deacon Void? If you read the novel, you will see a Deacon Void connection not once, but twice!  But to know the full impact of these two and what becomes of each of them, you’ll have to wait for Void’s origin tale, to be told over two forthcoming issues, issue #7, God Save the King!, and issue #8:  The Root of All Evil!

For those of you who follow history, I’m sure you can tell me all about Vlad Tepes! What does all of this mean for Deacon Void?  Rest assured that the connection between these two fiery testosterone-driven men will leave you in shock!  But know this simple truth:

Of all the characters linked by these two stories, NONE are more important to Deacon Void than Basil Hato!

‘Nuff said!  :)

Concept painting of Basil Hato, the Dove of War, by friend and artist Brian LeBlanc! Demons beware! Brian also painted the cover to Void #8, ROOT OF ALL EVIL, coming soon!

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