18 – Like a THING Alive!

We’ve already established that travels in and out of “the Void” take a huge toll on our boy.  While the PHYSICAL transportation may have saved his life, it cost him dearly.  And the burns?  How will he EVER recover from that?  What’s next for Georgia Fontaine?

"Leave me, Ms. Fontaine! Leave me and close the door!" Deacon Void

Coming November 8, 2011: Like a THING Alive! (The meaning behind this chapter’s title is revealed.  Think you have it figured out?  No you don’t)! :)

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Um . . . okay . . . at least he’s still alive. Course, he could have tried to save his MANNERS from the fire, which was clearly destroyed. Poor Georgia. What a big heart.

Yes, poor Georgia. Mr. Void has never been very warm hearted. I tend to think that his terse reaction here was just to buy healing time for him. And we all know he would NEVER allow anyone to examine him. But you are 100% on target about Georgia. You’ll feel even more empathy for her after next week!

I think your assessment of Void’s pain is 100% on target, Eva. And get even? I’d say that when next they meet, Flerous will not stand a CHANCE! He’s going to have a plan, but I’m betting his plan will not be what you’d expect! And Georgia? She has a few twists ahead of her as well! :)

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