19 – Let Man Put Asunder!

I hope you are keeping track of all these unresolved plot threads … a “dark man” who released Oscar from the Void; building an Army, Oscar recognizing Void as having been there before; Void in a spirit form … HEY!  I don’t know all the answers, either!  But I do know this … whatever is about to happen to ol’ Oscar CANNOT be good!

Coming June 9, 2011:  Part 11/12 in the ongoing series, Influences on Void! Go west, young man!

Coming June 14, 2011:  Fury of the Void!

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Oh yes, Oscar is in deep do do now! :) There are many hints here that will run into future story lines. And of course, there are still a couple (at least) of shocks to go in this story arc! Get ready!

Free falling in this is frightening! I like the background artwork in this piece.

Thanks! “The Void” is a pretty scarey place. And Void “the man?” We’ve not even begun to reveal his secret! Background art for “Void the place” created by artist Blake Wilkie. Way to go, Blake!

Trying to, but I’m confused (normal). Like the Void area storyline and artwork-very good!! Eva

You are supposed to be confused at this point, Eva. Slowly but surely, I’m going to reveal to you who Deacon Void REALLY is … and what his purpose will be. There are still many major characters who have yet to make an appearance! But they are coming! :)

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