AP Liquor Price List 2022 PDF

AP Liquor Price List 2022 PDF

AP Liquor Price List 2022

Thursday’s rate revisions were made by the state government to decrease smuggling, and discourage addicts from using sanitizer. Premium brands will cost more, while cheaper liquor and beer will be easier to find. With immediate effect, the revised rates were in force

The base price for 180 ml IFML or foreign liquor was Rs 150. On May 3, the government slashed prices by Rs 30. This was a day before the opening of liquor outlets post lockdown relaxations.

It also lowered the prices for quarter bottles (180 ml) at Rs 120. Rs 70 was charged for equivalent quantities priced between Rs 120 to Rs 150. The prices of liquor (180ml) have not changed. However, premium brands that cost more than Rs. 190 have seen their prices rise by Rs 40 to Rs 140. The price of beer was cut by Rs 30.

Andhra Pradesh (AP) Liquor Price List 2022

ap liquor price list 2022
1100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.750 ml2770
2100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.180 ml715
3100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.750 ml2060
4100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.375 ml1030
5100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.180 ml510
61965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum750 ml605
71965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum375 ml305
81965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum180 ml155
98 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky750 ml720
108 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky375 ml360
118 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky180 ml180
128 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky90 ml X 9695
138 Pm Special Rare Whisky750 ml475
148 Pm Special Rare Whisky375 ml240
158 Pm Special Rare Whisky180 ml120
16A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky750 ml455
17A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky375 ml230
18A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky180 ml115
19Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky750 ml720
20Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky375 ml360
21Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky180 ml180
22Ac Black Pure Grain Whisky750 ml720
23Ala Blending Company Patiala No. 3 Indian Selected Grain Whisky750 ml645
24Ala Blending Company Patiala No. 3 Indian Selected Grain Whisky375 ml325
25Ala Blending Company Patiala No. 3 Indian Selected Grain Whisky180 ml160
26All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky750 ml720
27All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky375 ml360
28All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky180 ml180
29All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky90 ML(100 Bottles)95
30Amrut Amalgam Peated Malt Whisky750 ml4255
31Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky750 ml4500
32Amrut Prestige Blended Malt Whisky750 ml625
33Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky750 ml1080
34Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky375 ml540
35Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky180 ml270
36Anytime Rare Premium Whisky750 ml600
37Anytime Rare Premium Whisky375 ml305
38Anytime Rare Premium Whisky180 ml150
39Aristocrat Premium Classic Smooth Whisky750 ml600
40Aristocrat Premium Classic Smooth Whisky375 ml305
41Aristocrat Premium Classic Smooth Whisky180 ml150
42Ashwa Premium Malty Whisky750 ml1075
43Ashwa Premium Malty Whisky180 ml270
44Ashwa Premium Vintage Spiced Rum750 ml1045
45Ashwa Premium Vintage Spiced Rum180 ml265
46Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum750 ml1050

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