As a Man Thinketh (English) James Allen

As a Man Thinketh (English) James Allen


You may not be aware of it, but your thoughts make up your character, health, and circumstances in life. Your thoughts shape your destiny. Hold on to your dreams and remain calm. This book will help you turn your visions into reality.Man is buffeted by circumstances so long as he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions, but when he realizes that he is a creative power, and that he may command the hidden soil and seeds of his being out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself.What are the thoughts that fill your mind? Do you think of honesty and dignity? Do you think of happiness and serenity? Or do you think of anger, laziness, and worldly desires? What are your dreams made of?In this book, you will learn about the power of thoughts.Hi, This is {narrator name}.a Life Transformation Strategist and Visionary who transforms lives by helping people SOAR (Successfully Overcome All Roadblocks) in their life. I help people to see that, when you change your mindset, you can change your life and ultimately achieve your dreams and start living again Welcome to my class

Thought and Character

A man   is what he thinks. His character is made up of all his thoughts. What are the ideas that pop up in your mind every single day? All these thoughts make up who you are.Think of your thoughts as seeds. The plants that grow from these seeds are your actions.Even when your actions are “spontaneous,” “out of the blue,” or “all of a sudden,” your thoughts influence them.Actions bloom from thoughts. The fruits of your actions are either joy or suffering. Whatever is happening to you, whether good or bad, are all consequences of your thoughts.Good character comes from the conscious effort of right thinking. It comes from a person’s initiative to think good thoughts. But a bad or evil character comes from a person’s choice to have evil thoughts.
Man is the master of his own character. Thus, he can change his character by having a strong will. A man also has command over his own experiences and destiny.If you have the right thoughts, you take the right actions and attract positive things to happen to you. But if you have the wrong thoughts, you take the wrong actions and attract negative things.Think about it. We shape our own destiny. With our thoughts, we can improve our life. Every day is an opportunity for us to become better people.Take, for example, the story of John. He grew up in a poor family. His father was always drunk, while his mother was angry all the time. John did not learn self-discipline and good character from his parents. As a child, he was a bully. As a teenager, he got involved with marijuana and stealing.
John felt miserable. He had no direction in life. He felt like he was good for nothing. John had no family, no friends, no money, no job, and no home. One day, he woke up, and he wanted to change his life.Little by little, the right thoughts came into his mind. John decided that he wanted to have a family. He wanted to have kids who he would shower with his love. He wanted to become a better parent than his own had been.John stopped all his vices. He went out to look for odd jobs. He worked hard and learned as many skills as he could. Eventually, John met a nice girl. He started a new life with her. They built a small but happy home for their kids. John became a loving husband and father.Like John, you can turn your life around. It all starts with the right thoughts. 

Effects of Thoughts on Circumstances

There are reactive people. These people are those who complain and blame others for what is happening in their life. They say that they are unlucky, that life is unfair. Reactive people don’t realize that they can create their own destinies.Life is not a matter of chance: at least not for active people who take responsibility. Active people are those who remain calm when they encounter difficult people or situations. They give solutions rather than complaining and blaming.A man doesn’t become a beggar or criminal because of destiny or any outside force. It is his thoughts and choices which bring him there. A man with the right thoughts will never end up in jail.
In order to change your situation in life, you must first change yourself. Do not rely on external forces for motivation. The will to change must come from within you. Success, happiness, wealth, love, and good health will only come to you if you work for it.Take, for example, Joe . He was a garbage collector. He wanted to be something else. He wanted to have a better job, a better income, and a better home. But then, Joe slacked off at work. He was lazy, and he didn’t perform well. Joe reasoned that as long as he was paid poorly, so he would work poorly as well.How can he get out of this poor situation? As long as his mind is filled with laziness and irresponsibility, then Joe will never succeed.Take Bo b, for example.
He was a rich and overweight businessman.He had heart disease and diabetes. Bob told his doctors that he would pay any amount just to get well. However, Bob was guilty of gluttony. He kept on eating unhealthy food. He was never satisfied with how much he had eaten.Bob ate even when he was already full.Although Bob said he wanted to be healthy, as long as his mind is filled with gluttony, he will never be cured of his diseases.Or take, for example, Charlie. He was the owner of a huge factory. But one day, he went bankrupt, and he couldn’t understand why. Charlie concluded that life was unfair.The truth is that it was his thoughts and actions which got him into this situation.
Charlie didn’t pay his employees the right amount. He violated labor laws because he wanted to keep more profits for himself. Charlie will never live in prosperity unless he wills himself to change.Like everyone else, you want success, happiness, wealth, love, and good health in your life. Now you know that you are the sole creator of your circumstances. Choose good thoughts and good actions. If you do, good circumstances will come to you.

The Effect of Thought on Health and the Body

Whether you like it or not, the body is the servant of the mind. Evil thoughts lead the body to disease and decay. But good thoughts lead to vitality and youthfulness.Those who are anxious about a certain disease are likely to get it. Why? This is because fear will make the body weak. It will make the body vulnerable to the disease.A defiled mind leads to a corrupt body. A happy and peaceful mind will lead to a young and healthy body.Push thoughts of anger, envy, greed, and dishonesty from your mind. Fill it instead with thoughts of love, happiness, and wisdom. You will see that you will have a youthful face and a strong body.
Imagine there is an 80-year-old lady with the face of an innocent girl.She has a sweet and blissful disposition in life. Then, there is a 50-year-old man full of wrinkles on his face. He is discontent and angry. Who would you rather be?There was a 100-year-old philosopher on his deathbed. He felt no pain and hardship. He died in his sleep. His face was light and calm.The philosopher died as peacefully and as sweetly as he lived. He lived to 100, but he didn’t suffer any chronic illnesses. He was able to teach and study until his very last day.There is no better cure than cheerful thoughts. If you let your mind be filled with pessimism, ill-will, and suspicion, you will dig yourself an early grave. You will build your own prison.But, if you see the good in people and everything around you, if you are selfless and forgiving, you will enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life. You will experience heaven on earth.

Thought and Purpose

Thoughts without purpose are like pieces of bark floating in the sea.They have no direction. They just go where the waves take them.If you have no purpose in life, your thoughts are often about fear, troubles, worries, and self-pity. This is a weakness. These aimless thoughts only lead to sin, loss, failure, and sadness.Therefore, you should have a definite purpose, and you should set your life on how to accomplish it. The purpose will direct your thoughts. Then, they will no longer be like floating bark, but like ships sailing in the sea.If you have a purpose in life, you will keep on sailing. Even if a storm comes, you will endure it. The time will come when you will reach your destination.
You should not let your thoughts be lost in fantasies and imaginations. Always think about your purpose. Concentrate and focus on your goal. This will help you have self-control. This will let you endure challenges along the way.Every challenge you overcome will strengthen your character. It will make your success sweeter.Then you will not think negatively of your failures anymore. You will think of them as lessons, as part of the adventure. You will turn failure into an advantage.What is your purpose in life? Is it a material thing you want to achieve? Is it a certain status? Do you want to have a fit and healthy body? Do you want to be a successful business owner? Do you want to have a beautiful home?
Whatever it is, make it the center of your thoughts. Let your purpose carve out the path. Always look straight. Do not look right or left. Do not let fear and doubt pollute your mind.Know that doubt and fear can never accomplish anything. They will only lead to failure.A person with a purpose has power. He can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. He is like a ship that can sail anywhere in the world.

The Thought-Factor in Achievement

People say that there are slaves because there are oppressors.Therefore, we should hate the oppressor. But then others believe that there are oppressors because there are those who let themselves become slaves. Therefore, we should hate the slaves.Whether you are successful in life or not is the result of your own thoughts. The truth is that both the oppressor and the slave are ignorant. Both of them have wrong thoughts.A man is free if he is neither a slave and nor an oppressor. He is the master of his own thoughts. He doesn’t have weakness, and he doesn’t have selfish thoughts either. This man is an achiever because he has lifted up his mind.
Take, for example, an oppressor. He will not succeed because he cannot think of the right decisions. His mind is focused on fulfilling his worldly cravings. He has no self-control. He cannot handle serious responsibilities. But his achievements are only limited because his thoughts are limited.An achiever has the capacity to remove negative   thoughts. He can direct his mind towards plans of action. He has self-reliance and strong conviction.The achiever has the ability to lift up his thoughts. He chooses to be righteous and noble as much as he can. As he continues to do so, he will have more achievements, more blessings, and more success.Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t favor the vicious, the dishonest, and the greedy. All the philosophers and wise men have agreed on this. The universe helps the virtuous, the generous, and the honest.
A man ascends and achieves more in life with purity, self-control, and righteousness. A man descends and continues to fail because of corruption, impurity, and laziness.If you are already an achiever, you should not let thoughts of selfishness and arrogance pollute your mind. You should keep your mind pure and focused. You should keep on having the right thoughts because as soon as you let yourself be lazy or indulgent, you will surely fail. Your achievements will end.Always remember that good thoughts bear achievements, and evil thoughts bear failure. Your success completely depends on you.  

Visions and Ideas

The man who has a beautiful vision or a wonderful idea will soon make it into reality. Take, for example, Columbus. He envisioned another world, a place where no European had ever gone before.And he discovered America.Copernicus envisioned that the Earth is not the center of the universe but that it revolved with other planets around the sun. Everyone thought that he was crazy. But it turned out that he was right. The solar system is a reality, and so is the wide universe.Cherish your dreams, your visions, and your ideals.Cherish the music that’s in your heart. One day, they will all come true. Wise men say, “Ask, and you shall receive.”
You will obtain what you desire. You will achieve what you aspire to. And so, keep holding on to the beautiful world that’s in your mind because one day, it will be a reality.Remember that all the amazing things we now enjoy in this world were once only a dream. Think of airplanes. There was a generation that only dreamed of flying. And now we know for sure that man can fly.The big oak tree waits inside the small acorn. The beautiful free bird waits inside the egg. And so, dreams are the seeds of reality.What is your dream? Maybe you are in a difficult situation right now. Maybe it seems that you are very far from realizing your dream. But just hold onto it. Keep it alive in your heart and strive to reach it.
Peter was a 15-year-old boy. He grew up in poverty. He had been working since he was nine. He didn’t go to school.But Peter dreamed of himself as a decent man, one who was admired and respected. He dreamed that he had intelligence, refinement, and grace.What Peter decided to do is to educate himself in his spare time. At night, he spends an hour or two reading. He read the newspapers or any book he could find. He learned many skills. He observed the manners of educated men.Peter kept on working hard until one day, and a business owner was impressed by him. The man offered him a job. The business owner became Peter’s mentor. And so, the time came when Peter realized his dreams.
The business owner opened up a new branch, and he assigned Peter to manage it. Peter became refined, educated, admired, and respected, just as he had always dreamed.Now, ignorant people will think of success as a product of luck and chance. If they see how successful someone like Peter is, they will say that he is lucky. That is because they didn’t see his hardships and suffering. They only see the fruits of his labor.What you hope for, what you love will gravitate towards you. What are your dreams made of? Do you dream of worldly desires or of a better life for people? You reap what you sow. No more and no less. You are only as big as your dreams.


Calmness is the result of wisdom and self-control. A calm person has a right understanding of the world. He knows that everything exists as cause and effect. And so, he doesn’t grieve, worry, fuss, or fume anymore. Whatever happens, he remains poised and serene.The calm person knows how to govern himself. He knows how to treat other people well, and so people love him. The calmer a person is, the greater his success, influence, and power.Take, for example, Paul. He is the owner of a small shop. But his business prospers because he has self-control and calmness within himself. People like to work with him because he is reliable. He has grace under pressure.
The strong, calm man is always loved and respected. He is like a big tree that gives shade to many people. He remains stable even when there is a storm.Paul doesn’t burst with anger when something bad happens. He doesn’t react with stupidity. He finds a solution right away. And so, Paul doesn’t have any bad blood with his suppliers, employees, or customers. His business continues to grow.There is calmness within you. Do not let doubt and anxiety take control of you. Be the master of your own thoughts.Remember that calmness is power, self-control is strength, and right thought is mastery. Command your mind and say, “Peace, be still!”


It all starts in your mind. If you want success and happiness, start by having the right thoughts. If you are not satisfied with your character and your situation in life, now you know that you can change.You are the master of your body and mind, no one else. Make sure that your thoughts have a purpose. Do not let your mind be polluted by degrading thoughts.Everything that you see around you started as an idea. The life that you’ve always wanted is within your grasp. Just remain focused and unleash the power of your thoughts.

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