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          Elon Musk has long since entered the consciousness of the general public. Back in early 2012 people started to take Notice. One of his companies had just built and delivered an all-electric car. Another of his companies had just flown a capsule to the International Space Station and back. He was being lauded as an entrepreneur on a par with the likes of Steve Jobs.

           However, whilst Jobs had succeeded in achieving similar feats in two different industries at the same time, Musk has since achieved it in three of them. Musk jumped into the dot com mania after college founding Zip2 in 1995. The company was like a basic version of Google Maps meets Yelp. Compaq bought Zip2 in 1999 for $307million. Musk made $22million from the deal and put most of it into his next start-up, which would eventually become PayPal. 

         In 2002, eBay acquired it for $1.5billion. Musk moved from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles. He put in $100million into SpaceX, $70million into Tesla Motors and $10million into SolarCity. It was adopting ultra-risk-taking to the extreme. When possible his companies all make things from scratch, rethinking accepted convention.

        SpaceX was battling the likes of Lockheed Martin and Boeing in the USA as well as other entire nations like China and Russia. It is the low-cost supplier in the industry. They are currently testing reusable rockets that can take up cargo and then land back on Earth. Once this is perfected it will become a world leader in taking cargo, and humans, into space. Tesla Motors is an automobile firm that strives to make all-electric cars that push the limits of technology. They are not sold through dealers, but sold on the web and in galleries in shopping centers. Cars are free to refuel from solar powered supercharging stations alongside roads. SolarCity is the largest installer and financier of solar panels for business and consumers in the United States of America. His total net worth is over $12billion but how has he done it? By thinking big and having long term goals. This is epitomized by his talk of putting mankind on Mars. Born in South Africa on 28th June 1971, Elon grew up in Pretoria with his younger brother and sister. In 1984, aged 12 a PC magazine published the source code of a video game he had created which netted him $500. As a young boy he had a compulsion to read. At one point he ran out of books to read at the library so he read the Encyclopedia Britannica. At 17 he travelled to Canada to avoid South African military service as he didn’t want to be part of the apartheid regime. He secured a Canadian passport through his mother and left home for good. After 2 years at University in Ontario he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. Soon after university he founded Zip2 with his brother. Originally called ‘Global Link Information Network’, they rented a 20×30 foot office in Palo Alto which left them broke. They lived at the office, showering at the YMCA. Early on Musk would sleep on a beanbag next to his desk, asking the first employees to kick him when they came in to wake him up so he could return to his work. In early 1996, the company received $3million in venture capital.

           They hired talented software engineers who improved on the code originally written by Musk who was self-taught. The venture capitalists pushed Musk into the role of CTO and despite the company becoming successful thanks in part to a new business model courting newspapers to use its service, Musk had lost control. He vowed from that point on to stay as CEO in any new ventures and as soon as the offer from Compaq for $307million was accepted, he left Zip2. Musk had become a dot-com millionaire at 27 and his confidence meant he needed a new, ambitious project. He purchased a McLaren sports car (at the time only one of 62) and organized races with billionaire Oracle co-founder, Larry Ellison. Musk invested $12million into leaving him $4million after taxes for personal use. was to become one of the world’s first online banks and went live in November 1999. eventually merged with Confinity, created by Max Leaching and Peter Thiel which had a payment service called PayPal. Musk took charge but after an employee coup and a letter of no confidence was sent to the board, Musk was replaced by Thiel as CEO. Musk continued to be the largest shareholder even when Thiel rebranded to PayPal. PayPal had a revenue of $240million per year and after the board accepted a $1.5billion offer for the company from eBay, Musk walked away with $180million after tax. After PayPal, Elon and his now ex-wife Justine moved to Los Angeles.

         Musk picked that location to give him access to the space industry. He wanted to do something meaningful and lasting with his life. His first plan was to send mice to Mars and Back. His second was to send a robotic greenhouse to Mars and use it to grow a plant and produce the first oxygen on the planet. After failing to buy a rocket from the Russians, Musk decided they could build a rocket themselves. In June 2002 Space Exploration Technologies or SpaceX was born. They purchased a test site in Texas. In December 2003 SpaceX unveiled a prototype of its first rocket, Falcon 1. After several tests and failed attempts, Falcon 1 successfully launched from Kwaj in the Marshall Islands. 

          On 1st July 2003 Tesla Motors was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The initial electric car they were building would be powered by nearly 7,000 lithium ion batteries and use the chassis of a Lotus Elise. When searching for some venture capital funding, Elon Musk invested $6.5million to become the largest shareholder and chairman of Tesla Motors. On 27th January 2005 a new car was built by only 18 people. Musk then invested a further $9million. Spiralling costs led to their first production model, the Roadster, to cost approximately $200,000, even though they planned to sell it for $85,000. This (among other reasons) resulted in Eberhard being replaced as CEO in August 2007. By the end of the year, Eberhard had left the company completely. Eventually Musk would become the CEO.

         Despite serious financial concerns with his companies, in particular with Tesla Motors, which was hours away from bankruptcy, on 23rd December 2008 NASA picked SpaceX to be a supplier for the International Space Station. The deal consisted of 12 flights to the ISS and the company received £1.6billion as payment. SpaceX now sends rockets up about once a month, carrying satellites for companies and nations and supplies for the ISS. Their latest advancement is to use rockets that return to Earth with great accuracy, using reverse thrusters to lower them slowly so they can be reused. This it is hoped will cut SpaceX’s cost for a launch to 1/10th of its rivals. SpaceX’s estimated worth is now $12billion. It is still a fundamental goal of SpaceX to create the technology to establish life on Mars.

         In summer 2012, Tesla Motors began shipping the Model S. A couple of years earlier on 29th June 2010, Tesla Motors became the first US car maker to go public since Ford in 1956. There were again financial issues though as not enough cars were being sold. Musk was in talks with Larry Page at Google and a handshake agreement was made to sell Tesla to Google. However the car sales improved, the value of Tesla increased and the Google deal fell through.

            Elon Musk’s cousins, the Rive brothers, formed the company SolarCity in 2006. It did not manufacture solar panels, instead buying them from other companies. Everything else was done in-house from installing the panels to building software to analyse whether solar made sense for a particular Property. Musk became the chairman and its largest shareholder, owning a third of the company. SolarCity has become the largest installer of solar panels in the USA. It went public in 2012 and is now worth over $7billion.

           In June 2014 the company purchased a solar cell maker called Salvo for $200million and began producing their own solar panels. In August 2013 Musk announced the Hyperloop. It will be a new method of transportation, moving people and cars in pods through a raised pneumatic tube. Each pod is thrust forward by an electromagnetic pulse with motors in the tube boosting the pods as needed to maintain a speed of 800mph. The whole thing will be solar powered. Hyperloop Technologies Inc. was formed and Musk had a one-to-one meeting with President Obama about the idea in August 2014. Elon Musk’s ambition shows no signs of slowing down as he continues to run three billion dollar companies whilst still continuing to invent and invest.

       In today’s time Elon Musk comes in 24th position under FORBES 400 Richest Man with his $20 Billion Net worth. And there are high chances that in the coming 5 to 10 years Elon musk can become the world’s Richest Men. How and Why will get Clear at the end of this Video/ hence watch the video till End. To Compliment Elon Musk, Elon Musk Is known as an Iron Man in the Real World Because of his brain and love towards Technology.

         In Fact Robert Downey Jr. took inspiration from Elon Musk For Iron Man character. It is said that After Steve Jobs the person who is bringing Revolution in the Technology world is Elon. Truly Elon is one of the successful and Inspiring people in the world and he is loved by almost all. Therefore today through his Biography and through other sources I will share 5 important success lessons which helped Elon to be so successful and like always if you understand these principles and apply them in your life and if you follow 10 percent of it then there are chances that you will also become a Millionaire So Let’s begin..

Elon Musk had a struggling childhood, his parents were separated, therefore he used to stay with his dad. Elon Father used to torture him mentally intentionally unintentionally. His Classmates used to beat him, once some kids hit him so hard that he was hospitalized for a week.

           No one considered Elon as a Special Child, but there was one quality in Elon which was very special. He was Very Fond of Reading Books, not school books but books on topics  in which he always had interest. Elon Mother says That Elon used to read books for 5-10 hrs a day and sometimes on weekends he used to complete 2 books. Whenever Elon mother couldn’t find Elon at home, then she directly used to go to the libraries near their house in search of Elon, Because she knew that if not at home then for sure he’ll be in the Library in those Libraries Elon Had read all the books and at last there were no more books for him to read. Therefore he used to tell both Library owners to bring more books and when he didn’t have anything to read, then he read the entire Encyclopedia and Britannica. Once when Elon musk partner asked him that how he has so much knowledge, how he know about technology rockets planets energy etc. how did he know so much to this Elon Replied with a Serious face, THAT I READ A LOT, I LOVE READING BOOKS

Therefore Point no. 1 LEARN LIKE CRAZY

The Very First point which helps you to become Like Elon Musk is Reading Books, gaining knowledge. I upload a book summary every weekend. I motivate you to read books because truly this is one of the most common habits of people who achieved something great and huge in their lives. It’s a common habit amongst people who achieve their goals, hence even you read books just like me because this habit will for sure make you capable. Now let’s again talk abouT Elon Story. See it wasn’t like Elon used to Just Read and he never used to Create anything like many people. In fact at the age of 12 with the help of reading Elon learned Coding and just like many kids even he was fond of playing games, Therefore he himself coded a game known as Blastar because of it he won $500 as a reward.

            A Google Software Engineer made that game Real and uploaded in the Internet, hence you can search it and can play too as i said before Elon was fond of games, therefore after sometime he planned with his brother and thought of opening Aricat Game shop, Both were very young, but still they both managed everything by taking actions they settled everything like shop papers, Aricat provider, shop everything was ready the only thing which they needed was Shop’s Permit for which they needed a signature of an adult but unfortunately both were not adult at that time, therefore their plan doesn’t get successful because their parents were not agreed for their plan. 

         Elon musk was Born in South Africa, but that time he never liked the government therefore it was impossible that he would have worked in the military for that government it was compulsory at that time to work for the Military, therefore he left South Africa and shifted to Canada. In Canada he worked for small places  and later he completed his physics and business studies in the USA. AT that time the Internet was at boom and however he wasn’t getting a job so he decided to open an internet based company. The idea was that he would take all the information from the yellow pages book and put that on the internet. Yellow pages book used to had all information related to any business because of this no one would need Yellow pages book in an easy Word Idea was to Bring Local Business in the internet for people which actually turns to be very successful because Then His Company Zip2 was taken by Compaq for $307 Million in cash and 34 million dollars in stock option with this deal Musk Got 22 million dollar as a profit and when this happened Musk was 28 years old now till here the second lesson which you must learn, that i will say by getting inspired from the book.

The 7 habits of highly effective people AND IT is PROACTIVE CREATOR. Just like many People even Elon would have said just by playing a game that What I can do, It’s the government who is not good, nothing is good here. but he didn’t do that, he was always active, he loved to create things and he used to take actions for the things he wanted no matter how much effort he needed to put in. Similarly, you need to become A Proactive creator. Now after becoming a millionaire at the age of 28, he could have taken retirement and would have enjoyed his entire life without doing anything. But he didn’t go for that option because he didn’t find that achievement that great because he wanted to do something huge because of which he can bring huge change in the world hence he took his hard earned money and shifted to finance field he saw and realized that there were no new inventions in Finance sector there were huge difficulties in sharing money from one place to another. It takes weeks and months to transfer cheques from one country to another hence he started creating such a company which brought revolution in the finance industry. which became the Leading Payment System in the Entire world, and today we know it as a  PAYPAL.

          Elon Created PayPal by involving many great people. It is also known as PayPal Mafia because people who were involved in creating Paypal had created many Successful companies in Future. For example members of the PayPal Mafia  group later became the Founder Of YouTube later in 2002 Ebay Bought PayPal for 1.5 Billion Dollars, with which Elon got 180 Million Dollars. Now again with so much money Elon would have lived his life comfortably and with all luxurious facilities but no he again chose the other option, he took money and invested it in creating such a company which can Save Humanity which can change the entire world.

        The first company which came was SpaceX, then Tesla, Then SolarCity and a few years before the Boring Company.

Now all these things teach us the Third lesson and that is: NEVER SETTLED WITH JUST GOOD. If you want to do great things like Elon then never settle for good or for ok things , always challenge yourself, always grow and always try to achieve big things by taking proper actions. How many people can think that Elon was Greedy, who used to think of earning lot of money, wasn’t satisfied he was not satisfied and was greedy that’s why even after earning so much he didn’t stop but that’s not true, Truth is since childhood because of comics and books, he had a dream that he wanted to do something because of which he can change the world and can save the world just like in comics how Hero saves the World therefore in 2002 he created a Space X Company with an aim that he can send normal people to Mars so that humans can also make mars their home because if anything happens to our earth(which is possible) then we all can go in mars and can survive as a species, but excluding him no one trusted his dream therefore he individually invested 100 million dollars in space x out of 180 million dollars in 2006 he saw and realized that how we all are getting dependent on fossil fuel for an energy. Therefore he came up with solar city, he didn’t wanted us to ruin our world by using petrol diesel the way big companies and we are destroying our world today by increasing pollution day by day the main aim of solar city is that we can produce electricity through sun’s energy which can solve entire world’s electricity problem, not only this In 2003 he started working on Tesla Company, he wanted us to use Electric car’s. so that it can spread less pollution that too in style because people don’t like not so stylish looking small electric cars hence His Tesla Electric cars look like sports cars and it is also good for the environment.

        It’s Elon Dream that Every Car Runs on Electricity and he will allow every Tesla owner to charge his car freely that too lifetime meaning they don’t need to invest money in petrol diesel and gas therefore many world big companies doesn’t want Elon musk idea to get successful because if his idea gets successful then many companies even countries will face loss and that’s the reason why people like Elon musk so much.

Therefore lesson no.4) always set big Visions, always have problem solving visions your vision should be so big that it solves many world’s biggest problems so that your life will no more remains small.

       Elon has dreamed and saw many problem solving visions for the world therefore in today’s time Elon is running many companies together. Today many people find it hard to run 1 company at the same moment Elon is running several companies. Every Company of Elon is worth Million and Billion dollars and he invests all his time in those companies.

       Once In An interview he was asked that how manages everything, like what motivates him to do so much so he said, that i want that whenever i think about my future i feel great that yes something good is going to happen in the future and creating good future vision gives me motivation even in the worst time there was a time in 2007-008 when Elon was getting Divorced, his all three companies were going through a worst time market got crashed, everything was going in loss starting all three space x launched was failed. The Tesla company was almost in the position to get closed, because the company had only 1 week cash at that time he had only two options to close Tesla. Or to Invest all money which he had Earned Through Paypal because no investors were ready to invest in Tesla now guess what Elon Did, He invested all his money In Tesla. But his courage and brave decision showed him great results. Space X 4th launch was successful because of  which NASA Signed 1.5 billion dollar deal with him. Even Tesla Got 40 million dollar order for batteries and by giving more 50 million that same company bought 10 percent shares of Tesla after that Tesla also got 465 million dollar loan from the Government, which he had returned with Interest and later Solar city became the one of the biggest Solar Provider service company in the America see even today these companies faces many problems and difficulties but because people support Elon musk Dreams Genuinely hence there are high chances that one day Elon will solve people’s problems and the world problems one day he will hopefully….

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