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Are you tired of your current life and you want to change, but you do not know where to start? Then this book is your answer.To change your life you need to change your attitude. If you have a negative attitude towards life, then you must read this book.This book is for negative people for them to achieve a better and more positive attitude towards life. Once your attitude becomes positive you will discover new things about yourself that you never thought you have before. This book is also for people who are positive. Because this book has a lot of important concepts, it will help you grow to get even greater opportunities in life.
This book has the power to transform your world. Your attitude is everything. Once you change your attitude, your possibilities and your outcome will change too.This book will teach you how to think, speak, and act. In the first section, you will learn the importance of your mind in your success. You will learn how to use thoughts to shape your world just the way you want.In the second section, you’ll learn the importance of speaking. Using a positive language can boost your life towards endless greatness.In the third section, you will learn the importance of acting. Nothing good can come your way if you do not stand up and start taking actions towards your goals.So get ready to dive into a world of knowledge that will teach you how to grow and become more successful than you can ever imagine.

Part 01: Success Begins in the Mind
Your Attitude Is Your Window to the World

Your attitude is the way you look at the world. It can determine the way your day can go. Two people may experience the same thing at the same time but they will have different feelings about it. It all depends on their attitude.When we were children, we all started with a clean and positive attitude towards life. We believed that, even though we fall many times, we could walk, run, or ride a bicycle. We never blamed the world or anyone else for our failure.As we grew up, we received a lot of criticism from our parents, friends, and our teachers. This can cloud our judgment. Our filter is no longer clean and clear, so we can’t look at the world like we used to. The positivity is clouded by other experiences we faced in the past.
You have to clean your window to the world. People and other external factors may motivate you for a while, but only you can change your attitude. You may be thinking that you do not have the power to do it. But you can change your attitude because history proves that a lot of people have succeeded before you.Here is a story that can prove that changing your attitude is possible for everyone.Viktor Frankl was a prisoner in the Nazi death camps. He suffered daily from hunger, cold, and inhumane experiences. To make matters worse for him, all his family died either in the camp or in gas chambers.
His life was the definition of misery. If you look at his chances, he had nothing positive to keep him alive. He was living in hell. Anyone in his shoes would have given up, but he didn’t.He believed that attitude is everything. He believed that if everything was taken from him by force, he can still survive as long as one thing still remains: his power to choose.The power of choice is our attitude.Even though he was in prison, he was still learning. The most important lesson he learned was that your circumstances doesn’t matter. What matters is the way you look at them.
Prison can be cruel. Viktor Frankl watched what prison was doing to the other inmates. They let circumstances determine their identity. But he was different.
He believed that lack of sleep, food, or mental and physical health doesn’t determine who he is, or who he is going to be in the future. The only way to survive as a successful person is if he adopted a positive attitude.Just because you are in prison doesn’t mean you are a prisoner, you are free as long as your positive attitude is yours.Viktor Frankl didn’t only survive his difficult circumstances. He came out one of the strongest and most influential figures in psychology. You can take a look at his wisdom in his bestselling book Man’s Search for Meaning.

You Are a Human Magnet

Just like all of us, surely you have wondered why some people succeed while others do not. The answer is simple: We Are What We Think We Are.If you keep thinking about some goal that you want to achieve, all your energy will be focused on that particular dream. You will find yourself taking steps naturally because your attitude has been set to achieve it.We attract what we believe in strongly. If we believe that we can achieve something and this thought becomes dominant in our brains, then we can do it. If your goal is to build a positive   attitude, then you must think positive thought all day long, not only for a few seconds.Jeff Keller, the author of this book tells the story of how he became a real estate owner. His dream started after he watched the people in his town make a lot of money from investing in one estate after another. 
Surely the real estate owners faced a lot of problems, but they were also making a huge profit.Jeff wanted to become one of them. This dream kept rolling in the back of his mind. He could not make the first step because he was scared he might fail.He thought about all the possible obstacles. He thought about the problem of tenants and dealing with them, the problem of rent, and others. He was thinking about this goal with a negative attitude.Once Jeff started reading books about the power of attitude, his mentality changed. In 1986, he decided that he must purchase two investments that year. He was no longer scared; he was now approaching his dream with a positive attitude.He set a goal to buy two homes this year. That was the only thing he thought about for six months. Every evening he would go to real estate agents to look for homes. He was patient, and he took actions towards his dream.Before the end of the year, he managed to buy two homes just like he wanted. If his attitude didn’t change, this would not be possible. Now he is a successful real estate owner.

Picture Your Way to Success

In order to be able to achieve your goals, you must have a clear image of your desired destination. Many famous athletes and singers say that they have been imagining their success since their childhood.The mental images we create in our brain can form a mental movie. This movie can be traced back to our past. Only you can control the mental images you create. No one else can do that.When we were young, we didn’t have any mental background. We were very positive that we can do anything we want. The world was ours and no one could stop us.As we grew up, our ability to believe in ourselves became clouded by our experiences.If we want to try something new, we remember our past failure, so we give up trying. One failure after the other and our mental capacity is overloaded with negativity.
You are responsible for changing the mental movies you have created. If you have a negative mental image, you can turn it into a positive one. Relax and visualize your new narration. Try to involve all your senses.Robert is a good example. He received a nomination to a judge position. Robert wanted to be a successful judge so much ever since he was young. When he was nominated as judge, he was both happy and nervous. He realized that his nerves were starting to take over him.He was good at what he does and he had a very strong chance of winning the elections. Because Jeff Keller is his friend, he gave Robert the advice that will change his life forever.Jeff suggested that Robert should write a sign that says Judge Robert Jones.
This sign should be kept on close to Robert’s sight wherever he went.So Robert had one even in his wallet. By constantly looking at the sign he wrote, Robert was reminded of his dream in every second. Without him realizing it, he was being conditioned to act like a judge all day long.Stronger images start to form in his brain. He is now convinced that he is a judge and that he can do it. He starts taking actions to make these images reality. He campaigned more than he used to and he pushed his party to work their best in getting more voters to his side.Robert was strong but these mental images made him stronger. Once images turn into positive attitudes, nothing can stop you from creating what you wish in life.

Make a Commitment … and You Will Move Mountains

No goal can be achieved without commitment. Commitment is the core of achievement. It can be defined as the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach one’s goal.Commitment is magic. When you focus on a dream, you notice that you will experience new paths in life that will lead you to your dream. These paths existed before, but when you commit to something you start attracting them.However, commitment is not everything. Life will test you by throwing obstacles your way. You must be patient and never give up. Commitment is not just about doing whatever it takes, but it is also about staying strong for as long as it takes.In 1999, Jerry Gladstone started his own company. He was selling collectibles. He loved toys and other merchandise. A year later, he came to a decision. He wanted to only focus on selling animation art.
Jerry was selling animation art from different studios. He was not satisfied with the outcome of his company. He knew that if he wanted to make some real success he would have to focus only on selling Disney art. So he contacted Disney but they refused his offer.He didn’t give. He kept on contacting Disney for three years. He was so committed to calling them that one of Disney executives got angry. She left him a voicemail telling him that he will never get a deal with Disney.Did Jerry give up? No. He kept on calling more and more executives. Until they all got tired of his persistence and they offered him a deal. Jerry will get access to Disney artwork but only if he opened his shop in Minnesota or Massachusetts.He was living in New York and he loved his town.Although Jerry didn’t want to move, he found himself flying the next day to Boston, Massachusetts. He secured a location and called Disney again.When the executives saw his commitment, they let him join the Disney program. One year later, he was given permission to open his New York store. After 10 years, Jerry became one of the biggest animation art sellers in the world.

Part 2: Watch Your Words
Your Words Blaze a Trial

You may be wondering why the talk about words and word selection is important. You should know that your words can make or break your future.Words reinforce your attitude. If they are positive, then your attitude will be positive as well. If they are negative then your attitude will be negative as well. So we must be aware of the words that we say.The process starts with thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, then results. Once you build a positive mental image in your brain, start speaking a positive language that will direct you towards your goals.You can also share your dreams with others. But you have to be careful. Only share your positive talk with people that are extremely positive. These people have the power to help you rise. They may even become your accountability partner.
The story of Cullers is very inspiring. Kent Cullers was a scientist who worked at NASA. He led the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Project.Kent had a doctorate in physics and he was trying to develop software that will indicate the possibility of finding living beings in the universe.This thought seems impossible. But he was working hard to achieve his goal. The problem that faced him was not that his idea was complicated, but he had a physical condition that hindered his progress.He refers to his physical problem as a “trivial condition” by which he means that it was not bothering him or his work that much. But the truth is Kent is blind.Yet he knew that if he referred to his condition by using stronger and negative language he would be giving the disability a lot of power over his life.
So he decided to control his words, and by controlling his words he was controlling the effect that blindness had on him.Kent Cullers enjoys his exciting job at NASA. He succeeded on getting a doctorate in physics even though he is blind. It is not impossible for him to succeed on his NASA project as well.Imagine how much power you would have if you looked at all your obstacles as just an inconvenience and didn’t give them power to destroy your chances of success. Your life will change so much.

How Are You?

How are you? How many times do you get ask this question a day? A lot I assume. We often ignore the importance of this question because we got used to answering it and it became a habit.But are you aware of the effect it has on you? Probably not. If you answer this question frequently, then this counts like a type of self talk that will help direct your day. try to ask yourself right now, “How are you?”Your answer can be negative, mediocre, or positive. It is better to join the positive group. Even if you do not feel like you are doing fine, just say it and you’ll start feeling great.This story is a perfect example. Sally feels tired. She gets asked in her job “How are you?” constantly. She would be honest and says that she is tired. What she will be doing by giving this answer is reinforcing her belief that she is tired.
As the day goes by, she will start to feel worse and more tired. You’ll probably notice that she is sleepy and she is starting to fall out of her chair in the office.Now, think about the officemate who asked her about how she is, do you think he feels positive after hearing an answer such as “I’m tired”? No. The officemate will feel tired too. So by answering this way, Sally has brought herself down and her friends as well.When Sally went home, she was exhausted. She falls onto her favorite chair and checks her lottery ticket. To her surprise, she realizes that she won the lottery.
She won $10 million.Remember that Sally is exhausted, but now she is happy.So she jumps off her chair and she starts celebrating her good luck. She would call all her friends and family to tell them the good news and she probably won’t sleep that night.The question is how did Sally get the energy to celebrate? She was so exhausted from work. The trick is in her mental state. When she tells everyone that she was tired she decided to focus on that feeling all day. That only made matters worse for her.If she focused her energy on something positive, she would have felt terrific throughout her day.

Part 3: Heaven Helps Those Who Act
Associate with Positive People

In this world, there are two types of people: toxic people and nourishing people. Nourishing people are the friends that will always try to push you forward. They are always positive and they believe that you can achieve your goals.Nourishing people are the people that you should keep around. On the other hand, toxic people are the ones that are always negative and complaining. All they do is drain your positive energy and ruin your mood. You should avoid being around them.Smokey was a good friend. He worked in sales in the funeral home industry for 45 years. When you hear funeral, you think that he is always surrounded by death so he must be a negative person.
But no, Smokey has a very positive attitude. He believes that people are like sponges, they soak up whatever thrown around them. If they hear something, they are affected by it. He also believes that if we are around negative people, we will be negative just like them. And if we are friends with positive people, our attitude will always be positive.Although he is surrounded by death all the time, Smokey tries to run away from negative people as soon as they come his way. He believes that in order to be a positive person, you have to choose your friends and relatives wisely. At least the ones you keep around.

Confront Your Fears and Grow

Sometimes when we are close to achieving our dreams, we face an obstacle that scares us.Sometimes this obstacle is a simple problem but because of our fear, we let it take over our situation.If you want to be successful, you must be ready to do things that will scare you. Fear is part of the equation and you can’t reach your dreams without doing things that will make you feel uncomfortable.When you want to try something new and you are scared, think carefully about the situation. Try to understand the source of your fear in order to be able to get over it. Remember that if you back away from something you really want to do just because you are scared, you are losing a lot. You might feel relieved for a moment, but your self esteem and your chances of growing as a human being will be lowered. Do not let your fear define your life, be brave and go ahead in life.
Here is a story about a woman who knows how to get over her fear. Dottie was a high school teacher for 32 years. Her dream was to work in the show business, but she never had the courage to go after it. She chose teaching because it was the most secure path for making a living.Even when she was teaching, her dream was not dead. She kept on writing songs and singing them. She really wants to be a performer.On one summer day, she decided to give up her job and pursue her dream as a performer. She gave her letter of resignation and she was determined to make it big in the show business.Then reality hit her. She was now without a job and she was scared to take the first step towards her dream.
So Dottie gave up to her fear, and went back to teaching again.She kept her dream alive this time too. Her love for music was so strong. Six months later, she retired and decided to confront her fear of rejection.In her 50s, she runs her first musical show.Then in her 60s, she released her first album. She even performed her songs in bars and clubs in New York City. Dottie became so proud and happy of her career. Even at her old age, she lived her life to the full.

Get Out There and Fail

In the previous chapter we discussed the importance of challenging ourselves in order to grow. Sometimes trying something new is scary. We need to be brave and be ready for whatever the outcome.We will fail, as most people did before us.That doesn’t mean we should quit or hesitate. If we have a dream that we believe in, then we have to try once, twice, and even a hundred times till we succeed.Here is a story about two guys who wrote a book together. Jack and Mark wanted to get it published and they aimed to achieve this goal within three months.They tried sending it to a publisher and he said no. They tried again, and the publishers said no. Jack and Mark tried 33 times and the answer was still no.Anyone in their shoes would have given up, but they were persistent. They sent it for another publisher and this time he said yes.
Even though, they have set to achieve their goal in three months, they did it in three years instead. This doesn’t deny the fact that they succeeded after all.The book they published is a famous print that can be found in every book store. They wrote the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. The authors are Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. They became very successful.If they didn’t try their luck, they wouldn’t have succeeded. So do not count your failures and look at them as results. Remember that rejections do not define your future, your attitude does. 


Now that you have learned the importance of having a positive attitude, you need to start working by the rules provided in this book.In part one, you have learned the role your mind plays in determining your results. Once you set your thoughts on positivity, you will attract everything that is positive in your life.In the second part you have learned how to choose a positive language in order to achieve positive outcomes. Just answering a question “how are you?” can make or break your day.In the third part you have learned how to act positively.
You learned the importance of choosing the right people to keep around. You also learned how to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow stronger.This book is full of magical keys that will help you in your way to success. All you have to do is to believe in the magic of your attitude. Start controlling your mind, your words, and your actions.If you dream about achieving big goals that no one else has done before you, then working on your attitude is your first step. Do not wait, do not hesitate. Start working on the positive attitude that will lead you to a greater life.

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