Automate Your Google Sheet With Apipheny API Calls

Automate Your Google Sheet With Apipheny API Calls

Don’t waste your time in manually exporting data from software platforms and manually copying and pasting it into Google Sheets. With Apipheny you can easily and effortlessly transfer your data between any software platform and Google Sheets in just few steps.

Start automating data integration with Apipheny. First install Apipheny a powerful add-on to Google Sheets. Then sign up for a developer account, then read the API documentation and get your API URL. Your API request might also need a key token/parameters, body, and headers.

Once your API request ready, open Apipheny add-on in your google sheet. Then enter your API URL and other components. Then you can choose any of your method GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE and click run.

Open a Google Sheet, click Extensions > Apipheny > Import API, and enter your API request into the Apipheny add-on

With this tool you can easily integrate Google sheets with an unlimited number of API data sources and make API calls directly within your spreadsheets.

With the help of Apipheny you can access an unlimited amount of data sources to power up your data analysis and keep your data organized in one place.

With Apipheny you can:

Connect an API to Google Sheets

Schedule API requests

Manage saved API requests

Choose a request method

Enter multiple URLs

Add headers

Run or save your request

Create custom workflows, integrate apps, automate processes, and apply formulas to create the exact spreadsheet you need.

Get all the features of enterprise data integration and visualization platforms.

Make your data collection quick and easy with Apipheny. With Apipheny by connecting your spreadsheet with PPC, social media, SEO, and analytics data you can create comprehensive marketing reports. You can use Google Sheets Templates to make the data look even better or integrate with a free data visualizer like Geck board or Google Data Studio to create stunning charts and dashboards.

Enjoy lifetime access to Apipheny with 60 day money back guarantee. Don’t forget to redeem your code within 60 day of purchase and you can also try it free for 30 days.

With Apipheny’s one-time purchase offer you will get several benefits like you can make unlimited API requests in unlimited Sheets, Save API requests for easy access later, Run multiple API URLs at the same time, Reference the cell value in your API request, Automate API data imports into Google Sheets, Eliminate manual data pulls and save time, Import data from platforms like Shopify, Facebook, Coinmarketcap, Binance, Coinbase, etc. , Create reports with custom blended data from multiple API data sources and many more.

Then what are you waiting for, get the benefits of this offer NOW!

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