Branalyzer Review 

Branalyzer Review 

In an ever evolving world where data and information are very pivotal in order to take any of your endeavour to the apex of success.The agility and dexterity of the source from where you obtain the information plays a tremendous role in today’s volatile environment. As each day arrays of businesses look forward to establish themselves on the internet, chances of your business getting overlooked is notoriously high. 

Who needs it?

The algorithms that run across any search engines try to protrude results which aligns with the searched word to its utmost accuracy and usefulness. While navigating the internet we came across an anomilic software tool named Branalyzer. At the nominal cost of just 49$. Branalyzer is an AI tool that bring forth the information about any domain. You just need to enter your competitors website URL and it’ll open up the vast array of data that you could utilise in various ways to manage your online presence more effectively. 

It’s an all in one tool that can be very handy for marketing freelancers , agencies and entrepreneurs who want to topple the cut throat market. It navigates through the abyss of the internet to give you the most accurate results compared to the other tools that are available in the market. Just in seconds you can get your hands on professional email addresses and you can scale up your building outreach. You can build more links in just a few minutes and grow your network along with the networth. You can compare yourself with your competitors to see how you can get ahead of them based on the data provided by this tool. You can even select the target market and filter the results to gain an in-depth overview of a particular business for the said market.

Extra Perks

To make it more convenient and useful it is also available as an extension on chrome store.

With this software the key performance indicators of any business can be deciphered very easily. Apart from that it also gives you very valuable insights of the estimated traffic, average order value conversion rate etc. It has an ability to get hold of the linking domains and at the same time it reflects the cost that incurred for the paid domains.


It offers you a 60 days Money back guarantee so that you can get a hands-on experience without getting worried about whether you need it or not a win-win situation anyways.

As compared to the other tools for which you have to shell out a decent amount in order to procure the information, it gives you lifetime access at the expense of just 49$. You can really go see for yourself, some of the contenders in this segment are Ubersuggest, SEMrush, ahrefs etc.

Quick Recap

By compiling these informatics you can change your keyword strategy according to the latest trending topic and get better positioning whenever relevant search occurs. This will not only make your website more visible but also it will result in more traffic. That being said, some of the main features of this sophisticated tool are mentioned below. 

Branalyzer Main Features 

Brand Summary: Brand Industry, Employees, Country, Category.

Business KPI: Estimated Traffic, AOV, CR, LTV Revenue, etc.

Brand SEO: Links, Referring domains, etc.

Brand Backlinks: Linking domains, cost of paid domains, etc.

Brand Competitors: Competitors with ranked keywords, traffic, etc.

Brand Emails: Lists company emails.

Brand Social: Social profiles main metrics (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more)


Q: Can I use it for free?

A: Yes you can but for more in-depth information you will have to purchase the entire software.

Q:Do my competitors know that I’m able to see their data?

A:  Well they won’t receive any push notifications for that but as you internet is an open place where you can see what’s exactly happening . You should know that your data is floating somewhere too .

Q: What’s the point of seeing all these data?

A: It depends upon organisation to organisation, how they can utilise the said information. Just keep lurking and keep thinking you might stumble upon a box of secrets that nobody knows about.

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