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DijiBot is a website crawler that allows you to download the content of sites using the WordPress infrastructure as a file.
It allows you to download all of that content from the site in the exact file format you specify. WordPress allows you to import this content to your own site if downloaded in XML format.
If the URL you entered does not use the WordPress infrastructure, you’ll see this message: “Bots of this site require manual action. Please contact us.” You are getting a warning in this instance, as it means that our system does not support this particular link.

In general, it does not support sites that do not use WordPress infrastructure.
After the steps are completed, the file will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. The duration may vary depending on the amount of content.

As a website crawler that focuses specifically on sites that use the WordPress infrastructure, it can be a useful tool for those who need to import content from one WordPress site to another. The ability to download content in a specific file format, such as XML, can also be helpful for organizing and importing the content more easily.

However, it’s important to note that website crawling and scraping can raise ethical and legal concerns, especially if the content is being used without permission or in violation of copyright laws. It’s important for users of DijiBot, or any similar tool, to make sure they have the proper rights and permissions to use the content they are downloading, and to act ethically and responsibly.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that DijiBot’s capabilities are limited to sites that use the WordPress infrastructure. This means that if you need to download content from a site that doesn’t use WordPress, you’ll need to find a different tool or method to do so.

 DijiBot allows you to pull content from sites using the WordPress infrastructure.

You can output content in different formats. (Json, Excel, and WordPress XML)

Need of DijiBot:

– You need to devote a lot of time to site clawer. DijiBot sends you all the content within minutes.

– It organizes the links or just the in-site links in a cleared state.

– Allows you to edit for pictures.

– Time is yours, DijiBot will work for you. At DijiBot, 

 Instead of juggling through multiple tools – now you only need one tool for all things!

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Overall, while DijiBot may be a helpful tool for some users, it’s important to use it responsibly and to be aware of its limitations and potential risks. As with any tool, it’s always a good idea to do your research and make sure it’s the right fit for your specific needs and situation.


Q. Does it only get the posts or does it get pages too?

A. Yes, you can also include pages. You can select it in the “Customization and Output format” section in Step 3.

Q. How can I solve this validation error? I got this error in Coupon Code section. validation.must_have_space

A. The reason for this “validation.must_have_space” error is that you just enter your Name in the Name Surname field. You must also enter your last name

Q. Can the content be exported directly into Word or Google Docs?

In the “Plans & Features” section, it mentioned Word, but then in the “From The Founders” section, it does not mention Word again and only mentions WordPress XML, Json, and Excel.

A.It can file each content separately in Word (.doc) format. When completed, it is sent as a zip file as an e-mail.

Q. Can I submit a web from web.archive.org? It was made on WordPress

A. Unfortunately we do not currently support archive.org. But our work continues.

Q. Why does every site I try always say “Bots of this site require manual action. Please contact us.”

A. Usually you will get this error on sites that do not use the WordPress. Can you send your site address? Let’s test it.

Q. I was wondering if you will ever create a login page. I might be doing something wrong, but it seems like I have to input name, email, and appsumo code every time I want to generate a request.

A. Our work for the panel section continues. We will launch it next month. You will avoid entering this information over and over again.


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