Drag and Drop Your Way to an Easier Tab Management with tabExtend!

Drag and Drop Your Way to an Easier Tab Management with tabExtend!

Take back control of your browser’s tabs with a smarter way to organize, save and share them. Instantly switch between tabs and content when you need to, jot down quick notes, and collaborate with others across multiple devices. Now you can keep your most important tabs close-at-hand on your browser’s new tab page. Enjoy better focus and productivity with your tabs organized and saved for easy access.

With tabExtend, you can manage tabs in your browser in an efficient and intuitive way. Simply drag and drop any site, or right-click any site and choose to save it, and you’ll be able to easily switch between your favorite sites. No more endless clicking or scrolling–your sites will always be one click away. Try tabExtend to take control of your tabs.

Effortlessly build your own Kanban styled boards with one click and organize the clutter across multiple tabs. Open and close groups of tabs with a single click, add and combine notes, and easily share and collaborate with others. With the Kanban boards, take control of your workflow, maximize productivity and ultimately achieve your goals.

Access your sites and notes from anywhere at any time with our mobile-friendly web app. With our web app, you’ll be able to access your notes and sites from any device, ensuring that wherever you are, your information is always at your fingertips.

If you already have a vast collection of bookmarks, you can easily import them into different groups with just one click. Save time and start organizing your bookmarks in different categories right away.

Make the most of your browsing time with the improved features of our tab manager! Our powerful tool lets you not only save entire sets of tabs with the click of a button, but also quickly close all tabs in one go. Plus, you can easily reopen them with a single click when you’re ready to get back to work. Take full control of your tabs and make the most of your time online!

Make scanning and finding what you’re looking for easier with emojis! Group conversations into different categories for different purposes so that you can easily separate and access relevant information. Give each group its own unique emoji to make your conversations easier to organize and find.

If you’re a multitasker who loves to keep things organized, then tabExtend is for you!

With QuickNote, you have an always-close-by notepad that you can use to quickly write down ideas, to-dos, and notes that can be easily paired with specific websites. Now, you can save time and stay organized by quickly jotting down ideas as they come to you.

TabExtend is now available as extensions for the following browsers: Google Chrome, Brave Browser, and Microsoft Edge. Download it today and give your web browsing a boost. With TabExtend, you’ll enjoy a more productive and efficient experience by managing your tabs and shortcuts in one place.

Our powerful browser plugin is the perfect choice for any creative professional that regularly works with numerous browser tabs open at once. We confidently recommend tabExtend to help you stay organized and productive while you work.

Enjoy lifetime access to tabExtend with our Pro Plan, plus stack up to 10 codes! Each code must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase, and you’re covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee. That way, you can try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your needs. With all future tabExtend Pro Plan updates included, sign up now and start building your best tab code experience!

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