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    Suppose a situation arises, Where you have to Eat an Alive Frog Daily, And you have to eat it without any Excuse. Then what time of the day would you like to Eat that Frog? Brian Tracy, who is a consultant of many successful companies, And CEO and also the Author of this book, Says the best time of eating the frog will be early in the morning, Immediate after you wake up, Because Eating a Frog, will be the most difficult thing for you, And Nothing can be as worst as this, So it will be better if you do that difficult task early in the morning, so that you can spend the entire day stress and tension free,

             Here Frog Example is being related to your important work, which needs to be completed as soon as possible, Most of the time we just avoid doing difficult and important work, by saying we will do it in the second half or at night or tomorrow, we procrastinate it, Just like, looking at that frog and thinking of eating eat later or after sometime, which do nothing just increases your stress level and tension, Also the reason behind completing the difficult task in the morning is that, In early morning our will power is maximum, Because of which we can complete that difficult work easily, You must have noticed, when we finish doing some work, Especially the important and the difficult task, we feel relax and good, This happens because, our brain Releases an Endorphin substance, which makes us feel good and relax by a giving natural high, Now to get success, We should take this process of completing task and feeling relaxed as a Positive Addiction, And should Make it our Habit, Because completing important work daily,by managing the time properly, Will make us feel good, But also increases Our Confidence and Self-Esteem, And to make all these things possible, Author have shown many practical ways, From which i will share some of the Principles with you all, Through which you can make a proper use of your Time, And can achieve your goals and success, So Let’s Begin,

Principle No 1 Setting The Table,

         One of the important Reason because of which we do not utilize our Time properly, And do procrastination, Is Confusion And Lack Of Clarity, 

Example, When i get confused , On which book,i Should make my next video, Till that time, i get more distracted by other work,and waste more time, But as i decide what will be my next video on which book, Then i utilize my time properly, Similarly, even if you want to use your time properly,and want to become successful, You Need to be very clear,about your Goals and Targets, And to do this Accurately you need to follow 7 steps procedure, Which are;

Step NO.1

          Decide Exactly what do you want: You should decide what exactly you want, Related to your Financial life, About your health, Related to your relationship and social life, and also be clear about other important aspects of your life, About your goals in it,

Step No.2

          Think on Paper; Only 3% people Write their Goals on Paper; And this habit of 3% People,increase the chances of completing their goals, more than 5 to 10 percent, Our brain is not very good at storing Data, But it is very good on creating new ideas and information, so try to make a habit of writing all your important and creatives ideas on paper, If that’s not possible for you all the time, Then do it on your cell phone,

Step No.3;

               Make Deadlines; After writing all your goals and ideas on paper, Give Deadline to it, As i have told you in my earlier video, For completing any task or work , How important is it to give deadline to it, otherwise we will keep delaying our work,

Step No.4 

               Make a List; Make a list of all work which needs to be done for achieving your goals, and how that list will be, I will give you more detail on the next principle,

Step No. 5

           Organize the List And Make Plans After writing all the work which comes in your mind, And then organize the all written work properly make a simple plan that how will you finish that work, About this also, i will give more detail on the next principle,

Step No.6

          Take Action On Your Plan, After Making the Plan, Take an Immediate action, At the end action will give you a result, Not  Planning,

Step No.7

           Resolve yourself to do everything that moves you towards the goal, Read books,learn from mentors, Learn new skill which will help you to complete your targets/goals Or at least do any work in a day which will bring you one step closer to your goal, These were the seven/7 step procedure which is very helpful for your Goal setting and for its achievement,

Principle No. 2 Plan Every day in Advance,

          Time Management has a 6 P Formula, which says, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance Before starting any work,just a few minutes planning can save a lot of time, And can make your work easy  and helps you to complete faster,without creating a huge problem. Because having no plan can create a huge mess, Which will force us to Procrastinate, Now let’s come to the Action Part, How we should plan things and to take Action. For this,you have to make Few list, As we did in the Earlier Principle, For now we will make only 4 list,


        In a Master list,you have to write Entire goals and Targets which you want to do in your life, Like to start your own Company, or to do a world tour, to make a perfect body, or to do something huge for others help etc.

Second – Monthly List;

        In this you have to write all the work which needs to be done in a Month, And Do remember,it should includes at least one work , which can help you to complete one of the important task from the Master List,

Third – weekly List; 

        In this you have to write all the work which you need to complete in a week, All those work,which can slowly help you to complete your monthly goals,

Last list /4thDay List 

          similarly,in this you will write all the work which you need to finish Today, which will help you to complete at least a part of your weekly list, And you should include some of your household work in this list, such as paying bills, shopping,meeting friends etc Do remember, Always prepare your list in Advance meaning what all work you need to finish tomorrow, that will be your daily list for tomorrow, make a list of it today at night before going to sleep, Similarly,prepare your weekly monthly and yearly list in advance, If any changes require you can you can add them later, but always try to make your list in advance,

Principle No.3 ABCDE Technique;

          ABCDE is a very simple and effective priority Technique, which ensures we utilize our time effectively, After making every list, the next step will be to mark every work with one of the Alphabet, like A B C D OR E mark a work with one of these alphabets, Mark all the important work under the Alphabet A, all those work which won’t get completed,then you have to face some serious consequences Under Alphabet B All those work will be marked which are less important compared to Alphabet A Work,if it doesn’t get completed,it will create some problem.

                 Mark all the work under Alphabet C,which is good for us, but it will not give any problem,if not completed, Under Alphabet D those work will come,which can be done by others There is no need of doing it by you, Under E the work which is not necessary to be completed and it will not create any problem, and can be eliminated, After marking the work as per the Alphabet ABCDE ,Then your first and most important priority For you, will be to complete the work which is marked under the Alphabet A, this task will be like a frog, which needs to be eaten early in the morning,without any excuse. Now, if there will be two tasks which need to be completed and are very important and if it is not completed can create a huge problem, Then mark those two tasks as A1 and A2 And so on.. In which A1 will be the most important work which needs to be completed before A2, Most of the people ask me,How i am able to complete one within a week, Answer for this is, Uploading a video in a week is my A1 priority, And this is the reason, which boost me and make it possible for me, to do my entire work from listening audio book then making a summary,animation till uploading it, I have applied this book principle personally and i have got the positive results.

                        Eat That Frog By Brian Tracy Summarized by Steve Courage. Almost every young person I knew when I was growing up were emotionally attached to football. These guys would spend hours watching soccer and many other hours arguing about who they thought the best players and teams were. As time went by, I started meeting another group of people who waste so much time on political arguments, who would win elections and who the best candidate was. But, somehow, I am able to keep my head straight, stay focus and achieve 10 times more than many of my mates. How do I do it? I have formed the habit of goal setting since I was about 16 years old, so my goals always keep me from time-wasting activities.

One of the most important lessons from Brian Tracy in Eat That Frog is; if you want to be productive, set inspiring Goals.

 Let’s move to the second lesson. 

            Sometimes in the past, I would wake up to my mail, move to social media to see who liked and commented on my posts and enjoy some YouTube Videos. I could enjoy few comedy skirts and spend few hours doing some other pleasant stuffs. Around the middle of the day, I’ll then pretend as though I love to be productive, get to my laptop and touch few of the important things I thought I should do. Before I knew it, the whole day is gone and I’m asking myself, “What have I done the whole of today?”. That time you know you should SLAP yourself. If this usually happens to you, let me know in the comment. But why is it so easy for us to waste our days on little pleasures? It’s because we’re lazy and I mean it. Every one of us is lazy and we enjoy messing Around However, if we can get our minds to focus on important things, pursuing those important things becomes 10 times easier. The best way we can do this is to set daily goals, known as TO-DO-LIST. In my experience, I found that, making 3-5 to-do-list keep me from messing around and wasting my time.

The Second most important lessons in Eat That Frog is; If you want to be more productive, Make a To-Do-List

               Now, let’s face it! Nobody loves to work. Nobody loves to face challenges. Nobody loves to get the work done. TV is interesting as well as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. How I wish there’s life without pains and Hustles? Unfortunately, Adam and Eve were the only humans who ever experienced such paradise. Hahahahaha… The rest of us have to do the hard work of getting things done, I’m sorry. So how can you be more productive? Wake up each day to eat the ugliest frogs, FIRST. After you’ve made a list of the important things you’ll love to get done, the next thing you’ll want to do is to figure out 2-5 of those things that could have more profound impact on the projects you have at hand or your life’s progress. Yes, I’m talking about 80/20 Pareto Principle 20% of your to-do-list is going to be responsible for 80% of your daily productivity, so focus on those important 20%, FIRST. Painfully enough, those 20% are usually the Toughest. You know those things you really want to procrastinate? No. don’t procrastinate!

The third most important lesson in Eat That Frog is;

            Do The Most Important Things in your to-do-list, First Thing, Every Day. I remember growing up as a young boy in a small town. I so much loved reading that I would be reading as I walked on the streets. If you live in the city, please, don’t read on a crowded street. Instead of reading on the streets, you can turn your car to a University by listening to various audio training programs. Brain Tracy claims that you can actually get an equivalent of a university degree in a few years, simply by listening to audio training programs in your car. So, how does reading improve your productivity? The more knowledgeable you’re about your profession, the smarter you’ll become at getting results you desire.

The fourth important lesson from Brian Tracy’s book is; Never Stop Learning 

        Just a few nights ago, I was asking my wife, ”Please, where is my internet banking hardware Token”? In response, she told me, “You always misplace things in this house and then expect me to look for them”. Poor me! Hahaha… You ever find yourself looking for your pen phone, wristwatch or even shoes? If I checked in to your office today, how tidy will it be? For most of us, nothing has a place and an untidy office is a sign of hard work. Well, Brian Tracy have a better advice for Us; Keeping our table organized and having a place for everything will greatly improve our productivity. I’ve learned this since I first read Eat That Frog and I’ve improved my productivity Greatly Yes, I still misplaced my token and scatter things and have untidy office sometimes, think this video will serve as reminder for me.

The fifth important lesson in Eat That Frog Is;  

                To increase your productivity, organize your life and office.

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