Electrical Items List PDF

Electrical Items List PDF

Electric Cables

Cables are used to connect electrical appliances such as computers, TVs, AC’s, fridges, etc …,. Cables are simply a collection of wires that have been bundled together into one. There are many types of cables: EHV cables; HT cables; LT cables; Control cables; Instrumentation cables…

Cables Example

Electric switches:

Switches are used to switch on and off the power supply. They are commonly used in house wiring and are known as toggle switches.Different sizes and styles available

Electrical Switches ExampleElectrical Sockets:

The electrical equipment must be connected to the sockets in order to provide continuous power supply. There are many types of sockets: Hex sockets and Impact sockets; spark plug sockets; socket bits; universal joints; and sources.

Electrical Sockets Example

Electric Switchgear

These include miniature circuit breakers, double breakers and residual circuit breakers . They are used to protect electrical equipment from damage.

Which brands are the best?

BuildersMART offers a wide range of electrical products from different brands, including Finolex and Havells as well as Polycab and Legrand.

Which brand should I choose?

These are the top brands in Hyderabad:


This is India’s largest electrical manufacturing company. Finolex produces a variety of wires and cables, as well as electrical accessories such lights, fans, switches, fan gears, etc.


It is a leader in Fast Moving Electrical Goods and produces a variety of products, including cables & wires and modular switches, motors and fans, motors, fans and home appliances.


This holding company is owned by Royal Philips, Netherlands. Philips produces a variety of products, including electronic appliances and home appliances.

Gold Medal:

This company is an Indian-based company that has maintained a good reputation with consumers over the last three decades. It was started in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) and has been expanding to other parts of India. Gold Medal is available in sockets and dimmers, regulators as well as doorbells, switchgear, wires and cables.

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