I Capture The Castle Book Summary, by Dodie Smith

I Capture the Castle Summary

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Written by Polly Barbour

Much like the majority of people of the gentry that are in poverty the Mortmain family is a bit eccentric. Ms. Mortmain is a widower who was recently had a second marriage and is a prolific writer however, he hasn’t published for a long time because he’s suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. 

A few years ago, his debut novel made waves all over the world, however it’s been a while since he followed it with anything. About a decade ago, before the publication of Jacob Wrestling he bought a beautiful and tumbling castle, and a forty year lease. He hoped that it would be an ideal place for peace and inspiration. However, it’s becoming a source for income since the Mortmain’s are selling the furniture part-by-part so they can pay for enough money to live on.

The family is quite strange; the latest Mrs Mortmain, Topaz, is an artist’s model who loves the freedom of being naked. Two of the daughters of Mr. Mortmain’s, Rose and Cassandra, both have literary aspirations that are their own, however Cassandra’s goals are far more realistic than that of the Rose. 

Rose considers herself to be the romantic heroine of the Austen novel, and she would like to reside within the castle, until her husband arrives. Cassandra is always writing, determined to learn to write as often as she can.

In addition to In addition to Mortmain girls, there’s an infant son named Thomas who spends the majority times with Stephen who’s mother was the maid for the Mortmain family prior to her death. Stephen is still part of the family. Stephen is in love with Cassandra and believes that he must be to be in love with her and even though she’s elated however, she doesn’t think the same about him and is somewhat awkward around him.

If the Cotton family inherits Scoatney Hall, they become the new owners of Mortmain’s property. Two of the Cotton sons are Cotton brothers, Simon and Neil, who Rose as well as Cassandra are immediately enthralled in part because neither brother is married. Neil was born in California and hopes to have a ranch of his own. 

Simon was born by his mother in New England and so has slightly less of an outdoor lifestyle; He loves to learn and is an avid reader, much as is his mother. Simon is also the greatest and , therefore, the one to inherit the Cotton fortune that is what makes Rose feel attracted to him, even though normally she wouldn’t. She decides she’s going to win his love and marry him, as well as help her family escape the poverty.

The Cottons initially are able to find the Mortmains to be extremely amusing. But, Rose has a detrimental impact on the relationships between the two families when she is flirting with Simon with such a reckless manner that she is a complete fool herself. 

This immediately turns off for the boys. They decide to leave, vowing never ever to do with anyone else in the members of the family. But, in the end, the families become close and genuine affections develop among Simon and Rose in spite of all odds. Simon proposes to her following an intense love affair.

There’s plenty of excitement over Rose and Simon’s wedding. Rose as well as Topaz go to London together with Mrs Cotton and Mrs Cotton, leaving Cassandra along with Simon the only two members of the family in the home. There is an attraction between them, and they kiss. Simon believes that he can be in love with Cassandra for the rest of his life and she is worried they feel the exact feeling about Simon. 

She is also extremely ashamed of becoming infatuated with her sister’s fiance and decides to from now on reject all attempts to be loved by Simon. To clear her head of the issue, she decides to seek the assistance of Thomas to help her father overcome his writing block. They lock him up in the medieval castle tower hoping this will cause him to break out of his slump and write again.

Cassandra is so focused on her own unsuitable feelings towards her brother-in-law to come that she is unable to notice the indicators that indicate Rose’s affection for Neil. This isn’t entirely due to a lack of enthusiasm on her part and partly because to distract all attention away from their common love, Rose and Neil have chosen to play the role of pretending that they don’t like each other. 

Their scheme works, however Simon is devastated when they get married from the completely out of the blue. Simon is disappointed however Cassandra is hoping that the ending of their engagement will cause Simon to refocus on how he feels about her. But she is convinced that he’s obsessed with his the love he has for Rose and doesn’t divulge to him what she feels whenever he meets with her prior to going back to America. 

Since he has plans returning, Cassandra vows to wait for him, and promises him that she will stay loyal to him even in the event of his departure.

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