Linked Booster – Plus exclusive

Linked Booster – Plus exclusive
Linked Booster – Plus exclusive

Linked Booster helps you to automate convenient  tasks including:

Auto-connect, visit, collect your prospect’s Linkedin data with customized tags, and notes, export them with one click to CSV, and many more advantages. 

Out of ideas for making new Linkedin content:

Auto-generate message template with AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology and human hand-picked by marketing experts. We provide you with 500+ message templates to make your content stand out from the crowd.

Frustrate to manage > 500 connections manual

Linked Booster syncs your LinkedIn first-degree links with tags – to save you the hassle of doing it all personally, and help you to acquire your business back. We make it simple to manage, filter, and sort out your links.

Be tired after long hours on Linkedin

Your eyes will say thanks to you with two dark themes from us. Now work and enjoy the lovely night dark theme!

Linked Booster is an online network automation tool that helps you in saving time, and money and levels up your career. A powerful Lifetime deal brings you profitable advantages and benefits in a blink of an eye! Get yours now! You will never regret it.


Best for

  • Marketers
  • Recruiters
  • Sales managers


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI


Plans & features

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to Linked Booster 
  • You must redeem your code within 2 months of buying
  • All future Linked Booster updates

Linked Booster – Plus Exclusive

  • Table of view first connection with detailed data and manner tags note, add/remove tag/edit
  • Allow your users to sync & manage their sent and received invitations
  • Allow users to add and remove numerous tags to numerous profiles at once
  • Auto-connect profiles on LinkedIn with a customized message
  • Auto visit: numerous profiles to engage and get available contact information
  • Auto-collect provides contact information (including name, phone, etc.) from LinkedIn profiles
  • Helps you to generate your lists of data based on your search results with notes and tags
  • Export unbounded information of LinkedIn profile from Dashboard to CSV file
  • Your dashboard manages all detailed contact information about your customer’s notes and Tags
  • First LinkedIn support tool with a night dark theme
  • Auto-generate message templates with AI technology and humans hand-picked by marketing expert


Linked Booster is a great tool

Linked Booster is an excellent tool to manage your LinkedIn connections and generate more sales. Meant to help sales professionals earn better results and traffic. Linked Booster is a must-have software that makes online selling easy. This low-priced tool lets you get back hours of wasting time while building your network marketing organization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How many new contacts can I send messages to per day and how many ask them to join me?

Answer: This is our limits for using Linked Booster

Auto-visit 50->100 profiles a day

Auto-connect 20->30 profiles

Auto-snatch ->500 profiles

Sync first first-degree connection: 5 times a day

Auto-generate content for the invitations and connection requests: This feature is pretty safe with no limits.

Note and Tag user profile: there is no limit

Dark theme mode for LinkedIn: no limit

Question: Do you only make connections or do you also send emails?

Answer: We can only make connections

Question: Can I also use this tool for my accounts in Spanish and German or is it only possible in English?

Answer: Sorry but right now our tool just has an English version.

Question:  Is there ANY possibility of Linkedin banning or suspending our account using your platform?

Answer: Our main target is to make sure our customer’s accounts are safe. You just need to follow all the rules I believe that your LinkedIn account will never be banned.

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