Margarita and The Master

The Master and Margarita takes place in two worlds: Moscow, between Wednesday night and the following Saturday night, and Pilate’s world, 2000 years before in Yershayalim, during Passover. The novel begins in Moscow, at Patriarch’s Ponds on Wednesday night. Mikhail Alexandrovich Berlioz and Ivan Nikolaevich Ponyrev have a mysterious encounter with Professor WolandWho is the devil? Pilate challenges their atheism through a story. This is the first introduction to Pilate’s world for the reader. Pilate is questioning Yesha ha-Nozri. Although he doesn’t want to condemn Yeshua after asking Yeshua about the conversation. Yehudah of Kerioth. Yehudah had beentray him in front state authorities. Pilate publicly condemns Yeshua after being forced to do so by Joseph Kaifa, the high priest. Moscow: Woland predicts Berlioz’s impending death and is beheaded by an autostrada.

Ivan is confused and disoriented. He decides to find the truth and sets out to chase Woland, Koroviev and Behemoth around the city. He loses his clothes in the process and creates a scene at Griboyedov’s where critics and writers have been waiting for Berlioz’s arrival to begin a meeting. Ryukhin summons the police to take Ivan to Professor Stravinsky’s mental institution. Ivan tells the doctor, in a confused and disorganized fashion, that Berlioz was killed at the hands of a foreign professor. Pontius Pilate at the time of Jesus’ death; he is tranquilized when he attempts to jump from the window, and the doctor diagnoses him with schizophrenia and alcoholism. He wakes up in Chapter 8 and has a conversation with Professor Stravinsky. In this discussion, logic is used to convince the doctor that he should remain in the hospital as a patient.

While Chapter 7 is about to begin, Stepan Bogdanovich Likhodyev (or Styopa) wakes up from a drunken night in the town and finds Woland in the room. Woland says that Styopa had agreed to sign his Variety Theater show for seven performances, and to pay Woland 35,000 rubles. Behemoth and Woland then chase Styopa from his apartment and transport him to a jetty near Yalta. This is many miles from Moscow.

Nikanor Ivanovich BosoyThe house chairman at No. Berlioz was a resident of 302-b Sadovaya Street. He ventures to apartment 50. Koroviev convinces him to call the Intourist Office in order to obtain clearance for Woland. Koroviev also bribes Woland with tickets to the theatre and a bunch of money. Koroviev reports NikanorIvanovich, who is speculating on foreign exchange and has four hundred dollars stored in his toilet’s ventilator flue. Five minutes later, Nikanor IIvanovich is found stuffing a wad of bills in the ventilator pipe.

Grigory Danilovich RimskyThe Variety Theater’s financial manager,. Ivan Savelievich VarenukhaStyopa and his house manager are still waiting for him to arrive. They receive a series baffling telegrams from Styopa stating that Styopa was in Yalta. Rimsky orders Varenukha, the house manager, to hand the telegrams over to the authorities. They ignore a warning from Rimsky. Azazello in a telephone call not to take the telegrams anywhere, Varenukha is accosted and beat up by Behemoth and Azazello. They disappear and are replaced with HellaVarenukha is turned into a vampire by Varenukha’s kiss.

Woland and his friends put on a spectacular and confusing show that night at the Variety Theater. At the request of the crowd, Behemoth takes George Bengalsky’s head off, but then puts it back on. Koroviev, alias Fagot, opens a ladies shop on the stage. The women of the audience race to get their clothes traded for new and beautiful outfits. When Arkady Apollonovich Sempleyarov calls out for the trick to be revealed, Koroviev/Fagot reveals the man’s extramarital affair in front of his wife and the whole theater.

Back in Ivan’s hospital room, a stranger in the window comes inside the room from the balcony; it is the Master. He hears Ivan’s story and then tells him that he wrote a novel on the subject and that Woland was the devil. After being subject to harsh criticisms, the Master fell into depression and Margarita, his beloved, became depressed. Margarita noticed that the Master was having an emotional breakdown and reached out to him. She promised to come back in the morning and be with him for the rest of his life, but he took the decision to go to the hospital. He tells Ivan he hopes she has forgotten him, for he doesn’t want her to suffer being in love with a mentally ill man.

After Woland’s show, Rimsky has a terrifying encounter with the now vampiric Varenukha in his office. Rimsky turns his back toward the window to see Hella, a naked woman trying to enter. Rimsky thinks he’s about to die. But just as Rimsky realizes this, a rooster makes a run for it. Hella curses and then flies off, being followed by Varenukha. Rimsky, now feeling like an old man due to stress, rushes out and grabs a cab to the train station. There he boarded a train and disappeared.

Nikanor Ivanovich Borsoy is also committed to the mental hospital. Ivan dreams of Pontius Pilate when he falls asleep. Matthu Levi is watching the execution of Yeshua Ha-Nozri. After giving the condemned men water, the executioner makes them happy by sticking a spear into their hearts. Aphranius proclaims them dead, and then a storm begins. Matthu uses a stolen blade to remove all prisoners from the posts and then runs off with Yeshua’s body.

Moscow is awake on Friday morning after Woland’s concert. Vasily Stepanovich LastochkinThe Variety Theater’s bookkeeper is in charge since his superiors vanished mysteriously. After the theater’s staff is dismissed by investigators, he travels to the Commission on Spectacles and Light Entertainment, where he reports on the previous days’ events. Prokhor PetrovichThe chairman of the commission, Claude, has disappeared. His suit is still there, and it’s talking and doing business as usual. His private secretary. Anna RichardovnaIt was Behemoth’s fault, according to a source. Vasily Stepanovich discovers that the staff at the Commission branch are cursed with the ability to sing at specific intervals. Between involuntary singing episodes, the staff begs for help as they can’t control their voices. Koroviev eventually explains to them that it was his fault. Vasily Stepanovich was arrested by the Entertainment Sector financial office as “one those tricksters from Variety Theater”.

Maxamilian Andreyevich PoplavskyBerlioz’s uncle is flying to Moscow from Kiev. He received a confused telegram from Berlioz stating that he was being run over by a streetcar. Maxamilian Andreyevich rushes from Kiev to Moscow, not to attend his nephew’s funeral but because he wants to inherit the Sadovaya apartment in Moscow. He is confused by Koroviev, Behemoth and beat by Azazello at apartment 50. Soon after, Andrey Fokich SokovWoland’s fake money was distributed to the Variety Theater bartender, Woland, who then informed him that he would die of liver cancer in nine months. Sokov arrives at apartment 50. Sokov seeks help from Woland when he informs him that Woland will be dying of liver cancer within nine months. Professor KuzminKuzmin was urged by one of the most respected liver doctors in town to have his cancer removed. Kuzmin is confronted after Sokov has left. Kuzmin is then confronted with a sparrow and a character that appears to be Hella Azazello and Woland.

Book 2

Margarita, distraught by the Master’s disappearance and unable to cope, meets Azazello in a park. He confirms to Margarita that the Master is indeed alive. He then gives her a small box containing magic cream and tells her to apply it all over her body. She does exactly what she was instructed to do and instantly transforms into an evil witch at half-past 9. Azazello calls her and gives her instructions. She flies out of the window with a broom to become invisible. She flew to the critic Latunsky The maid takes over her apartment and causes havoc, flooding the building. She is then overtaken and killed by her maid NatashaMargarita discovers that Nikolay Ivanovich is the one who has also rubbed cream all over herself while riding a hog. Margarita is able to land on a bank where she can dive into the stream. She then returns to Moscow for a party.

Margarita is amazed that Apartment Number 50 was expanded by the fifth dimensions. Azazello introduces Azarita, Woland and Hella to her. Abaddon. Margarita is informed by Koroviev that she will be hosting a Woland ball. She agrees to take on the responsibility. The group is brought to a vast hall at midnight and land on a landing near the top of a staircase. The guests arrive around midnight. They jump from the coffins falling out of the fireplace. Margarita is presented to each guest, and they all commit a horrible crime while they are alive. Baron Meigel enters; though he is not dead, he has apparently been eavesdropping; Abaddon and Azazello kill him. Margarita, Woland, and the Baron drink their blood. She then sees everything dissolve and is returned to apartment number 50. She enters through an open door in front.

Margarita is back in Woland’s bedroom where nothing has changed since that ball. Margarita insists that the Master be returned after dinner. He appears and Behemoth miraculously creates an intact copy his burned manuscript. Woland disposes Aloisy MogarychAfter reading Latunsky’s article, he wrote a denunciation about the Master and moved into the basement apartment so that the lovers could return. Woland grants Natasha the wish to be a witch and Nikolay Ivanovich’s and Varenukha’s wishes that they return home as human beings. Margarita and Master are returned to their little basement apartment with the intact manuscript which Margarita can read.

Pilate and Aphranius, head of his secret police, meet in the palace after a hurricane has swept through Yershalayim. Pilate informs Aphranius that Yehudah from Kerioth is being plotted to kill him. He also tells Aphranius that the money he paid will be returned to Yehudah with a note. Aphranius is instructed by him to make arrangements for Yehudah’s death.

Yehudah is tempted to Gethsemane by Aphranius, a unfaithful woman who helps him. He is captured by assassins and killed after he gave up the 30 tetradrachmas that he had received as blood money. Pilate dreamed of walking towards the moon with Banga and Yeshua Ha–Nozri. Aphranius, who returns to confirm Yehudah’s death, wakes him up. Matthu Levi also appears; he had hidden Yeshua’s body in a cave. Pilate offers him money but he declines and says he plans to kill Yehudah. Pilate informs him that Yehudah has been killed by him, and he gets upset. He then asks for some parchment and leaves.

Margarita is done reading the manuscript. Due to the inconsistent testimonies, investigators are unable to fully understand what has happened. After a fight with Behemoth, which ended in miraculously no injuries, a group policemen arrives at apartment 50. The tomcat escapes through the window and sets the apartment ablaze. The entire building starts to burn and some people see strange silhouettes flying out of the window at apartment Number 50. Behemoth, Koroviev and others go to Griboyedov’s. They are then admitted. Archibald Archibaldovich. Men appear and attempt to kill them but they vanish. Griboyedov sets his catches on fire and burns to the ground.

Now it is sunset and Woland & Azazello are seated on the stone terrace in front of a tall building. Matthu Levi arrives and tells them that “He sent him” to seek peace for Margarita, the Master, and Margarita. Woland accepts the invitation and orders Azazello “Fly over and arrange everything.” Azazello shows up at the basement apartment to tell Woland that he had sent him to ask him if he would like to take them on a short vacation. Both lovers agree. Azazello gifts them a bottle and tells them it’s the same wine Pilate was enjoying. The wine poisons Margarita (Master) and causes them to collapse. Azazello soon revives them using the same wine, although they are now “dead.” He lights the apartment on fire and they go outside to mount the black horses. They start to fly on their horses. They stop briefly at Ivan’s hospital to say goodbye. Then they meet Woland and Koroviev who are also riding on black horses on a hill.

Margarita observes that Margarita has noticed that Margarita’s companions are now different as night falls. Margarita also notices their enchantments disappearing as they set off into the skies. They land on a flat, rocky, joyless mountaintop, where Pilate, Banga, and others have been sitting for over 2000 years. Pilate hears Woland tell him that he is now free. Pilate raises his voice and follows Banga along the path of moonlight. The Master and Margarita see that dawn is arriving, and they walk toward their eternal home, over a little bridge and along a sandy road.

According to the narrator, Woland fled Moscow after which rumors circulated about the events. Ironically, he gives credit to the investigation commission for coming up false explanations for the events that Woland and his gang caused. George Bengalsky is now well but too scared to work at the Variety Theater. Varenukha is now a warm and friendly house manager. Styopa Lilikhodeyev is now the manager of a large gastronomic restaurant. Rimsky resigned from the Variety Theater. He was replaced by Aloisy Molgarych. Varenukha is annoyed by him, just like Styopa was once mad at Rimsky. Woland predicted that Old Andrey FokichSokov would die of cancer. Ivan is now a member of Institute of History and Philosophy’s faculty, but he is still haunted daily by the full moon. Nikolay Ivanovich is also regretting not flying off with Natasha. Ivan sees Pilate walking with Yeshua ha-Nozri. The Master tells him that the whole execution was a dream and that it never actually happened. Ivan dreams of meeting Margarita and the Master in his dream. They assure him that that is how it ended.

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