Minimarks: Compact bookmark manager and start page

Minimarks: Compact bookmark manager and start page

Minimarks brings you a compact bookmark manager by which you can share your favorite articles, work tools, videos, recipes and others while browsing.

You can share entire collections and edit them with others seamlessly—there’s no need to text or email links anymore.


1. Start Page:

As a start page, minimarks features a compact UI, different themes, and a powerful search bar that lets you find and open sites instantly, right from your keyboard.

You can select different color schemes (“themes”) to change the look of your start page.

2. Publish your bookmark:

Minimarks has a provision for publishing your bookmark collection effortlessly.

Add your minimarks URL to your social media profiles and share your links with the world.

3. Comment and discussion section:

You can make your collection public and show them to anyone who visit your minimarks URL.

There is a provision for comment and chat with your team.

4. Customize your start page:

Minimarks lets you customize different aspects of your start page to fit your style.

You can even change your preferred search engine, which is used to find sites that are not in your bookmarks.


One-time purchase of


  • Unlimited max bookmarks & max collections
  • 10 Team members
  • Compact bookmark manager and start page
  • Share bookmarks with anyone and see all your bookmarks in one page
  • Add comments and chat with your team
  • Launch sites instantly with our powerful search bar
  • Publish bookmark collections
  • Reading lists and icon grids
  • Keep your bookmarks in sync everywhere
  • Change the look and feel of your start page

Pros and cons


  • Powerful search bar lets you open bookmarks instantly from your keyboard
  • See all your bookmarks on one page (no folders or tabs to worry about!)
  • Share collections with your team (and anyone else with an email address)
  • Publish your bookmarks and share the link on social media platforms
  • View each collection as a reading list or an icon grid
  • Can edit the background image
  • Select from a few themes
  • Doesn’t feel cluttered to use.
  • The list view option is a really nice touch.
  • Easily share collections, with a compact and non-invasive display of who the collection is being shared with.
  • No issues adding team members.


  • Extensions available for only chrome and firefox
  • Issue in adding bookmarks from mobile and tablets
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