NoteDex is a next-generation note, flash card app, index with handwriting, texts, images, tables offline mobile, and cloud sync. It’s like Your Second Brain is the offspring of Evernote and Trello! On any computer, create index cards and flashcards with cross-platform support for handwriting, text, graphics, and tables. Works on desktops and tablets running Microsoft Surface, iPad, or Galaxy!

Excellent for consultants, professionals, students, researchers, home projects, and everyone else.

Cards can be shared to be viewed online, saved as pictures, or printed as a PDF to make your own index cards.

Based on a traditional “index card” format, NoteDex creates “short-form” notes.

NoteDex allows you to generate individual note cards for each item of information you are gathering, in contrast to “long-form” note programs like Evernote or OneNote. Instead of merely seeing a text list of notes, you can now view numerous cards at once and find the note you’re looking for with great efficiency.


  • Support for handwritten notes, text, photos, tables, and cloud syncing
  • Worked across platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the Web
  • Support for the Samsung Pen, Microsoft Pen, and Apple Pencil style
  • Digital ink, card colors, graphics, and true rich text formatting
  • Strong note-taking capabilities on stylus devices or complete keyboard support
  • Students using the Leitner spaced repetition learning approach should use the study mode.
  • enhanced search capabilities, group folders, tags, and views
  • Create stacks of cards, groups of sub-folders, and tag categories.
  • Create custom pictures for project stack customization.
  • Visual card “thumbnail” previews
  • cloud syncing and web collaboration
  • Share stacks online, fully editable, and with the ability to specify passwords and expiration dates

The main motto of Notedex is to ORGANIZE, PRINT, and HANDWRITE.

Pricing of Notedex:

Notedex can be used on devices and you can save 50% if you buy during the 7-day trial. 

  1. Monthly Access – Subscription $2.99/month ($5.99 after trial)
  2. Yearly Access – Save over Monthly $24.99/year (Get 4 months free!! $49.99 after) 
  3. Lifetime Access – Best value available during trial $49.99 one-time payment ($99.99 after trial)

And if you are a student you can verify and get a 50% EDU discount! → Verify here!

How to purchase:

Step 1: Log in to NoteDex. You can do this on the website or by downloading the app and logging in there.

Step 2: At the top of the app’s home screen is a link. Save money during the 7-day free trial is what it will state, while “Purchase App to Add Cards” will appear once you have passed the trial period. You can access the page with the available purchases by just clicking the link. You will see choices for a yearly, lifetime, and monthly purchases.

Please be aware that you will not be charged once the seven-day trial period is over. Only if and when you decide to buy NoteDex will you be charged. So, you don’t have to bother about registering and trying out NoteDex. You can still view any cards you’ve generated once the free trial period of seven days is over, but you won’t be able to add any new ones until you opt to buy NoteDex.

Beyond Index Cards: 

In Silicon Beach, Venice, California, Sundaram Applied Technologies, Inc. developed NoteDex with the goal of assisting people in increasing their creativity and productivity.

We think that technology enhances personal development, creativity, and productivity. We think that technology can be used in novel, enjoyable, and cool ways to enhance our lives. The power of technology combined with the traditional index card represents our idea for how NoteDex will enable us to combine the best of both the old and new worlds.

  • NoteDex is a “desktop-class” online program that can be used on Windows, Android, and the web.
  •  It makes use of pen-enabled devices, such as the Samsung Note phone or tablet, and lets you take both lovely ink notes and plain text ones, just like you would in real life. 
  • You can share stacks with friends based on the most recent web technologies, whether they be project notes, a new screenplay, study cards, or even family recipes!


But, the primary distinction is that, unlike long-form note applications, NoteDex’s notecards may be quickly examined collectively to provide you with a comprehensive overview. As a result, NoteDex is able to provide you with distinctive and quick visual access to your notes so you can locate what you’re looking for.


1)What happens after the 7-day free trial ends? Am I automatically charged?

After the 7-day free trial is up, you can choose to buy the NoteDex plan that best meets your needs (one-year access or our best value lifetime-access one-time purchase options).

2) I currently use the Index Cards for Windows app – is NoteDex compatible?

No, the data is not one-one compatible.

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