Review of ScrumDo:

Review of ScrumDo:

ScrumDo is a tool to manage web-based projects, planned to assist teams carrying out Agile approaches like Scrum and Kanban. It offers a variety of characteristics that assist groups to manage their projects successfully, from progress tracking and reporting to sprint planning and heap management.

 In this blog, we will take a thorough look at its characteristics, and pricing and try to understand whether it is the right tool for you and your team.


One leading characteristic of this tool is its flexibility. It aids both Kanban and Scrum approaches, so groups can decide which works best for them. It also provides a lot of personalized options, permitting the groups to custom-make the tool according to their particular needs. Like, groups can put up their standards, own workflow, and make personalized fields. 

ScrumDo also offers an extensive set of characteristics to assist groups in managing their projects efficiently.

These involves:

These involves :

• Sprint Planning: Groups can organize their sprints in ScrumDo, making a heap of user stories and chores trying to estimate the efforts needed for each of them.The tool provides users with a mix of features to assist with this particular thing, like prioritization of drag-and-drop, estimation of story point and capacity of the tool to assign work to the group members.

• Heap Management: After the heap has been made, the groups can use Scrum-do to manage it. This tool also provides a variety of attributes to help with this, like its capacity to add notes and attachments to the stories of users, trace progress against the heap and also move stories among the sprints.

• Progress Tracing: This tool offers a variety of features to help the groups to trace their progress throughout  the sprint. This features involves velocity charts, ability to trace advancement against individuals user stories and works and also burn-down charts..

• Reporting:This tool also helps the groups by offering them a mix of reporting options to help the groups to understand their improvement areas and updates on work. Which includes group and sprint reports, burn-down charts and cycle time reports.


Scrum-Do is an easy-to-use tool. It is quite easy to traverse through. The interface is also very instinctive and clean, with a mix of features clearly shown on the main dashboard.

Scrum-Do also provides the groups with a lot of personalized options so that they can make according to their particular needs.

One of the outstanding features that this tool provides is its visual-workflow editor which helps the groups to make their own personalized workflows easily. As the editor offers a drag and drop interface, it makes the whole process easy when it comes to adding new things, moving items between stages and putting up custom regulations.ScrumDo also lays out a variety of partnership features to help groups work together efficiently. These involve the capacity to leave comments on user stories and works, mention group members in comments, and put up alerts for significant events.

Pricing :

ScrumDo supplies us with a variety of price ranges to suit teams of varying sizes and needs. 

These include:

• Free Plan: This plan is accessible for groups consisting of five members and supplies access to elementary features like sprint planning, heap management, and progress tracking. It involves only one project and bounded storage space.

• Standard Plan: This plan comes for $7.99 for every user every month and involves advanced features like personalized fields, advanced reporting, and a combination of third-party tools like JIRA and Stack. This plan is suitable for any group size and aids with a limitless number of projects and group members. It also involves 50 GB of storage space.

• Premium Plan: The Premium plan is for  $15.99 every user every month and involves furthermore features such as personalized workflows, time tracking, and advanced analytics. It also involves priority support and a devoted account manager. This plan works well for groups that need more up-to-date features and support.

• Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan is made for large firms with compound needs. It offers access to all of ScrumDo’s features and can be personalized to the particular needs of the firm. This plan includes personalized pricing and a devoted account manager.

There is a 14-day free trial for all the plans, so groups can go through the features before committing to a plan. ScrumDo also offers a discount for groups who will do annual subscriptions, which saves them 20% on their plan.

Overall, ScrumDo is an extensive project management tool that provides a variety of features to assist groups to manage their projects efficiently. Its elasticity permits the groups to choose the Agile methodology that works best for them, and its personalized workflows and fields allow teams to make from scratch the tool according to their particular needs.

ScrumDo has an easy-to-use interface and visual workflow editor that make it easy to traverse and use, and its participation features aid the groups to work together effectively. The tool also offers a mix of reporting options to help groups understand their update and find out the areas for improvement.

With a whole variety of pricing plans available, including a free plan, ScrumDo is a tool that can meet the requirements of groups of any size and budget. Its paid plans offer a range of advanced features and support options, which makes it an excellent choice for groups that need more than basic plans for their projects.

FAQs :
  1. Does it provide trial period?

Ans: Yes, they provide trial period for each plan.

  1. What is this tool used for?

Ans: This tool is used for project management.

  1. Do they offer tracking facilities?

Ans: Yes, they offer tracking progress facility.

  1. Do they allow the teams to make their custom workflows?

Ans: Yes.

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