With just a few clicks, customers of the all-in-one ShopFunnels eCommerce platform may create high-converting online storefronts. The number of items and inventories is unrestricted by this no-code ecomm shop builder. It is a platform that is inexpensive, simple to use, and meets all the essential needs of an online store. Via blogs, social media, and advertisements, it assists in generating a significant volume of visitors. Effective eCommerce Platform Built For Earnings. The globe is aware that profitability is the sole means of surviving in the post-Covid, post-war world. Everyone is looking for a safe strategy to generate income without going overboard. Online shopping is becoming the norm for everyone with purchasing power, and this trend will continue into the future. You must be online if you want to be successful, regardless of the size of your company or your niche. April 2020 saw a 110% surge in daily online sales. Indeed, by over twice as much. Online sales are currently being made by 36% of all small firms, and the remaining 34% are on their way.


  • Simple to use and does not require code
  • Product pages are adaptable.
  • offers limitless funnels per domain and supports limitless inventory and items
  • Cloning a store is another option.
  • Customized shopping cart, checkout, and thank you pages; hundreds of ready-to-use templates
  • various languages are supported
  • supports SEO and email marketing
  • unlimited orders from clients
  • Auto-reminders for your cart
  • main payment gateways are supported
  • GDPR-compliant A/B split testing is supported
  • offers no-cost plugins
  • CRM and autoresponder integration support for Zapier
  • Reports an in-depth analysis.


  1. Business 

For most business shop funnels are used and it is used nowadays in top startups,

  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises
  1. Available Support

Shop Funnels are available in,

  • Email
  • Live support
  • Training
  • Tickets


Deployment: It is deployed in Cloud Based

Payment: Payment can be done Monthly or Yearly

  • API
  • Customization
  • Mobile Support

Desktop Platforms : 

   Shop Funnels are used in,

  • Web App

Language Support :

    The language supported by Shop Funnel is,

  • English


  • Straightforward no-code E-commerce store creator.
  • No cost-per-order or profit-sharing fees.
  • No limitations on goods or stock.
  • integrates with the blogs or websites you already have.
  • Choose any online store and copy it.
  • Order cross-sells, upsells, down sells, and order bumps.
  • Split-testing A/B.
  • built-in powerful analytics.
  • Widgets that are already designed to make setting up your e-commerce site easier.
  • Generate product variants for things like color and size.
  • Custom thank you and checkout pages.
  • Automated cart reminders for clients who leave their carts unattended.
  • Make discount codes and coupons.
  • Supports Integrately and Zapier.
  • ShopFunnels complies with the GDPR in full.
  • Dozens of international payment channels. Sell without boundaries anyplace.
  • There is no cap on the number of clients’ orders.
  • More than 20 strong pre-built plugins are free to use.

PROs and CONs : 

Works in conjunction with specific domains or next to your blog.
There are numerous sales-boosting plugins available.
Quick and simple to set up.
Built-in email marketing.
Built-in Abandoned Cart Reminders.
Supports any payment gateway integration.
I can’t think of any additional problems with the Shopfunnels program, in fact.


With the help of the fantastic eCom builder ShopFunnels, anyone can create a successful online store in a matter of minutes and sell anything they want. It includes everything you need to launch your e-commerce business, drive traffic, and easily turn that traffic into cash.

There is no battling with things or traffic. Without making an effort, you can reach profits immediately! Without any technical or creative expertise, you can start building profitable specialized Ecommerce sites with ShopFunnels. Making a decision is difficult, particularly when it involves a new technology that you haven’t used before. We are willing to take on all the risk because we genuinely want you to have the first mover’s advantage.


  1. How much does ShopFunnels cost?

ShopFunnels costs $ per month to get started. It has different pricing plans:

  1. Elite: ₹ 4824/Per Month

The details of ShopFunnels’ free trial have not been shared by the vendor.

2) How do shop funnels work?

It works in three steps,

Step 1: Pick a niche you adore, or maybe several niches(Just a few clicks)

Step 2: Configure your online store (Completely beginner-friendly)

Step 3: Take it easy and wait for the sales to come in.

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