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The Lord Of The Rings Summary

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Tolkien published his magnum opus for the first time in 1895.The Lord of the Rings early reviews seemed oddly mixed, and yet, the trilogy is now widely accepted as the beginning of all modern fantasy, winning awards all over the globe, including several countries’ “best-loved book.” In 1999, Amazon customers declared The Lord of the Rings Their favourite book of this millennium. Originaly a single tome, the book was then divided into three text for publication purposes. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers  The Return of the Kings, The first is discussed here.

The Fellowship of the Ring It is the book that started a legend. It is the source of all fantasy and sagas. epic book to come after; it, like Shakespeare, invented whole languages, such as Elvish, and words, such as Tolkienian, that are now canon in the Oxford English Dictionary. Religions, languages, and myths (notably Norse mythology) from all over the world influenced the novel, and though denied, it clearly took inspiration from Tolkien’s real experience in WWI. It was the catalyst for fantasy role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons), and influenced music (numerous explicit Led Zeppelin and at least one Black Sabbath song, to name just a few), as well as endless references in pop culture today. It is impossible to list every theme, but the key themes are: home, family, friends, loyalty, conservatism and the monomyth. The Fellowship of the Ring and the entire masterpiece of The Lord of the RingsIt is one of the most well-known modern novels.

Bilbo Baggins Throws a party on his“eleventy-first”(111thHe announces that he will be leaving the Shire for a “permanent holiday” on his (February 5) birthday. Frodo, his cousin and heir, is his new recipient of all his possessions. Bilbo disappears in a puff smoke and is reunited with Gandalf, a powerful wizard who insists that Bilbo give the Ring to Frodo. Bilbo doesn’t want to lose his most precious possession. It was something he discovered during his adventures. The Hobbit. Gandalf believes the Ring’s most obvious power is invisibility. However, Gandalf suspects that it may be the dangerous Ring of Sauron. Bilbo reluctantly accepts and then leaves. Gandalf warns Frodo not to reveal the Ring’s secrets and then leaves.

Frodo, who lives in Bag End for many years seems to be unaffected by age, just like Bilbo. Gandalf appears one day to warn Frodo of his confirmed suspicions. He also mentions the corrupting power and corruption of the One Ring. Sauron wants the Ring to rule the world and has sent Gollum along with many other terrifying creatures to find it. Gandalf warns that the Ring will forever corrupt and destroy the wearer, and anyone near them, but Frodo has the power and responsibility to destroy it by throwing it into Mount Orodruin. It cannot be done by anyone else because it is Frodo’s fate.

Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin (fellow hobbit friends) set out, and are pursued by Sauron’s Black Riders, or Nazgûl, bodiless evil horsemen. The village of Bree is where the hobbits come together to form a team with Strider, who calls himself Strider. They are unsure of Strider’s character until they receive a letter by Gandalf. Strider discovers that his true name is Aragorn. He is a friend of Gandalf, and heir to Isildur. They flee the Ringwraiths as they travel to Rivendell. Elrond saves them. Frodo is reunited again with Bilbo who finally grasps the danger posed by the Ring. Gandalf explains why he visited Isengard, and there is a council to discuss the Ring’s future. He asked for Saruman’s help, but the great wizard has been corrupted by Sauron’s evil. The council decides that the Ring must be destroyed due to its intrinsic evil. Thus, the Company of the Ring is created. Bill the Pony arrives too.

When the group’s plan to cross over the Misty Mountains fails because of heavy storms, they have no choice but to take a dangerous path under the mountains, through the ancient Dwarf mines of Moria. The group is attacked by Orcs, and they must flee. But just before they can escape, they meet a Balrog, an evil demon from fire and shadow. Gandalf tries to protect them but the wizard and demon both fall into the abyss.

The group continues to grow. Lady Galadriel, Elf of Lothlorien grants them magical items to aid them in their Elf-haven. The group plans its next move after they leave Lothlorien. Boromir, clearly corrupted by the Ring’s dark power, says Frodo should give the Ring to his father, and thus fight the evil Sauron. Boromir tries taking the ring for his own use, but Frodo uses the Ring to escape. Boromir suddenly regrets his actions. He had been under the influence of the Ring but now understands. The Fellowship hears his confession and begin to search for Frodo. Frodo has fled believing that the burden of the Ring is his and his only. Sam discovers Frodo, and refuses the temptation to leave his side. In a small boat, the two hobbits continue their journey down the river. They are now more determined than ever in their quest to destroy The Ring. The action continues with the second book. The Two Towers.

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