The Call of the Wild Free Summary by Jack London …

  • A sled dog fights to survive in the wilderness within the Yukon.
  • “The Call of the Wild is an exciting tale of Buck who is a large and gentle dog that is a crossbreed of the breeds of St. Bernard and a Scotch Collie, whose carefree life was suddenly disturbed when he was taken of his house located in Santa Clara County, California and then deported to the north and then sold to Skagway, Alaska, and transferred further north into Dawson City, Yukon, in the 1890s, the final year of the Klondike Gold Rush, when robust sled dogs were in great demand. A newcomer to the delivery service, and until long after their main competitor the team – Buck is a dog unlike that of others, who had been spoilt and was a victim, but who was not broken and is enjoying the best greatest time in his entire life. He is forced to fight for his life and eventually taken by his previous pet owner John Thornton, to close to his home in the Arctic Circle, somewhere between Yukon and Alaska He gradually relies on his instincts and instincts from childhood and eschews the comforts of modern life and is responding in response to “the call of the wild” and becomes the an individual master.–Davor Blazevic 1959
  • The great Klondike Gold Rush is attracting avid treasure hunters as well as brave adventurers to the arid areas of Canada’s late-1890s Yukon, Buck, a very well-loved St. Bernard-Scotch collie, is left without a master in a solitary world. In the midst of Earth the sweet dog is a new member of the amiable mail carrier Perrault’s well-trained group of dogs who sled and following a succession of new owners Buck meets the handsome recluse John Thornton. The journey of a lifetime begins when both animals and humans alike embark on a thrilling journey of redemption and liberation in the wild subarctic of Yukon. Can Buck take on the challenge of the wild and be able to find where he belongs in society?–Nick Riganas
  • Jack London’s iconic story of 1903 about Buck the dog who was kidnapped away from the home he was in in California and transferred into the Yukon where he is abused until a prospector comes across the dog and is able to relate to his circumstances. Even though the two are in a relationship, Buck yearns to run in the wild with dogs of the wild.–andrewpdresden
  • Buck is an incredibly affectionate dog whose family life is changed after he is evicted away from the California home and moved to the wilderness that are the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s. As the newest member of the mail-delivery dog sled group, Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime when eventually he discovers his position on the planet.–yusufpiskin
  • The story of a puppy who’s name is Buck. He is abducted from his family’s home and then required to work as the canine sled. While on his quest, he begins to uncover his true self However, everything goes to hell when the new owner loses his job. After that, Buck goes and lives with a person and goes to an adventure where they meet a different kind of dog. He discovers his true goal in life and discovers the purpose he was created for.


The synopsis in the following paragraphs could provide important plot details.


  • In the late in the 19th century Buck the large soft dog named St. Bernard/Scotch Collie is content in the company of his master Judge Miller, in Santa Clara, California. In the day, Buck is abducted and taken to the Yukon via the freighter. While on the journey an employee of the crew beats him to get him out to discipline him. Once he has arrived, Buck returns a dropped harmonica to a person named John Thornton, moments before being given by Perrault as well as his companion Francoise to use their dog sled, which will carry post across Yukon. Perrault hopes that by bringing Buck the dog, he will be able to travel the long distance to the depot for mail before the time limit. Buck will be introduced other dogs, which includes the ferocious pack leader Spitz, a husky. Spitz.

    While traveling, Buck gains the loyalty and trust of Perrault, Francoise and the other sled dogs after proving himself on the way and even saving Francoise and causing a fight with Spitz. Buck starts experiencing visions of a spiritual black wolf who acts as his guide on their journeys. A nighttime, Buck catches then releases the rabbit. Spitz kills it and then attacks Buck to prove his power. Spitz appears to prevail, until the other members of the pack support Buck. Buck puts Spitz down, making him redundant as the pack leader. Spitz is then snatched away into the wilderness. Perrault reluctantly gives Buck the leader, even though no other dog takes the role. Buck’s strength and speed enable the sled’s arrival at the mail in time. In the post office, Thornton hands over a letter he wrote to his wife from the past, expressing his sentiments about their deceased son. When Perrault arrives home, he finds out that the postal route is being substituted by the telephone, requiring him to sell his dogs. Hal the mean-spirited and novice gold prospector buys the pack , and then slowly gets them exhausted by carrying a huge load in conditions that are not suitable for sledding.

    The exhausted dogs take a moment to rest until Hal will make them walk across a frozen lake in a state of instability. If Buck refuses to move Hal is threatening to shot him. Thornton shows up and helps Buck while Hal makes the other dogs on sleds to walk across the lake. With Thornton’s help, Buck recovers. In the next bar, Thornton gets attacked by Hal who tells him the dogs were able to flee away, leaving him without a trace. As Hal is watching, Buck confronts Hal who is then exiled. Buck and Thornton go on to explore the Yukon map, where they are able to be free to roam in the wild. They find an old cabin that is abandoned in a valley that is open and begin to settle down. While they are there, Hal relentlessly hunts them in the belief that Thornton may be hiding treasures.

    In the wild, Thornton and Buck bond with each other over their daily pursuits mostly the fishing or gold mining. While they are in the wilderness, Buck is drawn to female white wolves. In with Thornton as well as the white wolf Buck is irritated by his home-like life together with Thornton and his relationship with the pack of wolves that the female is part of. Thornton believes that it’s time to leave and informs Buck that he’ll be leaving early in the morning and to return and leave. Buck goes into the forest and lies in bed with the white wolf. He is obviously agitated. Hal is then able to locate and shoot Thornton. Buck is back, to kill Hal by forcing his body into the cabin which is on the fire. Thornton would like Buck to be able to take care of himself. He assures him of his final words “It’s okay, boy. You’re home.”

    The next day, Buck returns to the wilderness. In the wilderness, he mats and produces children with the white wolf. Then, he is the pack leader completely in the embrace for wild.

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