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The Beginning: Importance of Keeping Secrets

When he is a child, David undergoes several experiences which cause him and his friends to aware that their health is in danger. From the moment David first met Sophie and learned that her feet were six toes, which were different from normal people and could be punished Did he realise that he and the group were also considered to be distinct. Because when he pledged his wife Mrs. Wender that he would keep the matter of Sophie’s toes being a secret, he was able to accept the commitment. He realized the possibility that his and the group’s psychic abilities could put themselves in the exact situation as Sophiegetting rooted out and ejected or even killed for being “deviant.” Further, when David finds out about Aunt Harriet’s suffering and suicide, he’s scared, as it confirms the idea it is likely that David and the team are in a great danger risk.

Power & Danger

The most significant difficulties for the group are experienced when they become older and Petra is the newest member of the group that is telepathic is brought in. It is apparent that with Petra the fact that she’s more effective in terms of projection telepathic, however this implies that this group will be more vulnerable to risk.

For instance the moment that Petra displays her fear while she fights in the river and the water roars, it actually draws David and Rosalind towards her. But, it creates the suspicion of people who witness such a unusual event because they haven’t heard any sound. Particularly when the pony of Petra is threatened in the forest and she tries to project her thoughts of fear that pull the entire psychic group into the scene.

Unfortunately, Jerome Skinner happens upon them prior to dispersing and asks a lot of questions about suspicion inquiring how they could have gotten to this place, and not having heard any cries from them. In awe of Jerome Skinner, he remains in awe.

To make things more complicated, Anne, a member of the group, has plans to marry a typical, Alan Ervin. The group realizes that she has made an error, but they have no success convincing Anne to reconsider her plans. Since, Alan is one who informs the inspector of any deviations, such as for Sophie. Thus should Anne is found to have a slip, Alan would be quick to react. As time passes, suspicion increases to the point where an informant of an inspector named Joe Darley, begins asking questions regarding David Rosalind and David Rosalind. At this moment, Michael, the leader of the telepaths, starts to discuss what course of action that the group could pursue to escape should require it. It’s not until after that the group is captured by Sally as well as Katherine of the telepathic group does Michael’s plans come to fruition. From now on, David, Rosalind, and Petra escape for security to Waknuk towards the Fringes in the Fringes, from where they struggle to overcome their challenges.

Persevering to the End

While they face many obstacles on their way The telepaths endure in overcoming any opponents. For instance, in cases like Anne for instance the group does not immediately intervene to stop her from getting married to Alan. Instead, the team is patient and cautious and does not share strategies for Anne via telepathic communication or attracting unwelcome attention.

Furthermore, realizing that her abilities to communicate with others are extremely effective and powerful, the members, David in particular, begin to train and instruct Petra to develop more delicate thought-forms. Petra’s thought-shapes are extremely effective when projected, making it challenging for the team to create their own instead, they pull them toward her.

From then on the chance of being captured increases to the degree the three of them David, Rosalind, and Petra escape from Waknuk and travel to the Fringes and face what turns out the most risky encounter to date. The primary event that triggers this escape plan is arrest by Sally and Katherine as two members in the group to be interrogated. This is an arduous task by itself, but Katherine endures the torture and does not divulge any information for her interrogators. Additionally, Michael and Mark contribute to the escape by joining the search team and revealing their plans for actions for the escape to David and Rosalind as well as misleading the search team while at the same time.

Despite the efforts put to escape Waknuk in safety, David, Rosalind, and Petra are snatched by the Fringe people and taken for”spider man. “spider man.” On being separated from Rosalind and Petra, David is intent to get them back and is assisted by Sophie. At the end of the day the remaining telepaths are compensated for their persistence as the Sealand lady appears and saves them. David, Rosalind, and Petra immediately take off together with her Sealand Lady to Sealand and back, while Michael and Rachel remain in Waknuk in the meantime in hopes of joining the others at Sealand in the near future.

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