The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally (Dr. Jason Fung)


Back in the 1970s, AIDS is the global health concern. Diabetes is a rare disease. Today, we have learned how to fight AIDS. Diabetes, meanwhile, has quadrupled in cases since the 1980s. 
All sexes, races, ages, social statuses and nations are affected with diabetes. It is projected that in 2040, 1 out of 10 adults will be diabetic.
How did this happen? Is it because of the rise of processed food? Is it because of the rise of urban lifestyle? How can we beat diabetes? How can we prevent and reverse it?
Diabetes is closely related with obesity, heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and leg ulcer. The rates of affected people are increasing by the day. In this book, you will learn the facts about diabetes. You will learn the difference between type 1 and type 2. 
You will also learn about the diseases associated to it. Diabetes affects all organs in the body. Doctors say that it is a chronic and progressive disease. There’s no way out of it. But is this really true? Is diabetes a life sentence?
Dr. Jason Fung says no. You can prevent and reverse diabetes. There is a proven effective natural way. The best part is it only requires two steps. You will learn them in this book. 

How to Reverse and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes:

The Quick Start Guide
This is fact number one. Are you diabetic? Do you have a friend or family member who is diabetic? Here is the most important fact you need to know. Diabetes is 100% reversible and preventable. 
Most doctors say that Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease. They say that there is no way out of it. Ifyou’rediagnosed with diabetes, it’s like you have a life sentence with no chance of parole. Your situation will only get worse.
Well, you’ll be surprised to know that these are all lies. You can reverse diabetes. You can prevent it. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can get your blood sugar and your life back to normal.
How? It’s not through medications as you are led to believe. You can reverse diabetes through changing your lifestyle and diet. That’s it. No expensive medicines. No invasive treatment. 

This is Fact Number Two. Diabetes is caused by high sugar intake. Imagine that your body is a huge bowl of sugar. When you were born, the bowl is empty. As you grow older, the bowl fills up because you eat sugar and refined carbohydrates. 
Now, your body creates insulin to move the sugar from your food to your cells. That is the function of insulin. If you don’t burn that sugar in your cells, the time will come that your cells are full of sugar. 
Your body creates more insulin to push more sugar in the cells. But it simply would not work anymore.
It’s like when you’re packing clothes into a luggage bag. You fill it and fill it with clothes. Eventually, the bag gets full.
No matter how hard you push in your clothes, the bag will not close anymore. It would not zip. You can’t solve the problem by laying weight on the bag. Obviously, you need to get some clothes out.
Now, you go to the doctor because you already have high blood sugar. The doctor will prescribe you with insulin injections or metformin. 

The truth is that the more insulin you have in your body, the more sugar spills in your blood. It only gets worse. You become more insulin resistant every single day.
Metformintakes out the excess sugar from your blood. Guess where it goes? It gets shipped to your all your organs. 
When you check for blood sugar, it says normal. That’s because the sugar is not in your blood anymore but in your whole body.
This is fact number four. The widely accepted treatments for diabetes actually make the disease worse. The doctor may say they did their job because your blood sugar is normal. 
But then, the excess sugar in your organs will cause stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. When this happens, the doctor will say, “Oh well. You know. Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease.”
Think of it like this. You hide your trash under your bed so you can say your house is clean. You don’t dispose your trash. You just hide it where you can’t see it. So you put your trash in the closet, in the attic, and in the basement. 

Yes, you can’t see them around but your trash will start to smell really bad. Why? Because they’re still inside and they’re beginning to rot. What’s the solution then? Don’t hide your trash. You must throw it outside. 
This is fact number five. Type 2 Diabetes affects all body organs. After ten or twenty years, the excess sugar is already rotting in your kidney, in your eyes, in your heart, your brain and legs. 
Now that’s really chronic. The excess sugar is eating your body away. It’s giving you a slow and painful death. None of your organs will be spared. 
What is the solution? What will bring change? What will turn the situation around? Definitely, it’s not prescription drugs. This is fact number six. Diabetes can be reversed by low carb diet and fasting.
The problem is excess sugar in your body. And so first, you need to put less sugar in. Avoid eating food with added sugar. These include desserts and soft drinks. You get no nutrients in them anyway so just avoid them.
Avoid eating food with refined carbohydrate or complex carbohydrate. These are just long chains of sugar. Refined carbs is anything with white flour. So you need to avoid eating white rice, pasta, bread as well as potatoes.

Avoid eating too much protein. The liver breaks down protein into amino acids. But too much amino acid cannot be stored in the body.
So the liver converts them to glucose. You don’t want that. Avoid concentrated protein food such as protein bars, protein shakes and protein powders.
To replace the carbs, you can have natural fat. You can get it from eggs, nuts, butter, avocado and olive oil. Natural fat is not harmful. It will make you fell full even if you don’t eat carbs.
Here then is your new diet. Make sure to eat natural and unprocessed foods. Eat meals which are low in refined carbohydrates, high in natural fats and moderate in protein.
Once you put less sugar in, the next step is to burn the remaining sugar in your body. Yes, exercise can help but fasting is a more effective way to burn stored sugar. 
If there’s no food coming in, your body will burn stored sugar to produce energy. The longer you fast, the more sugar you will lose. 

Fasting is a simple and sure way to eliminate sugar. It is the oldest dietary therapy there is. It has no side effects. If you fast, your blood sugar will decrease. Your weight will decrease as well. 
Dr. Fung suggests doing 24 hour fasting, two or three times a week. That’s it. This technique, together with the low carb diet will surely reverse your diabetes. Problem solved. 

Case Study: Simon

Simon is 66 years old. His weight is 267 pounds. He has a waistline of 135 cm and a body mass index of 43. It has been 8 years since Simon has been diagnosed with diabetes. He takes metformin, glicizide and sitagliptin regularly to control his blood sugar.
Simon also experiences high blood pressure. One of his kidneys had to be removed because of cancer. 
Dr. Jason Fung taught him about the low carb diet and fasting program. Simon followed the diet and fasted for 24 hours three times a week. 
Six months later, Simon has fewer medications. He only takes canagliflozin for weight control. 
One year after, Simon stopped all medications. His blood sugar improved greatly.
In Simon’s last check-up with Dr. Fung, his hemoglobin A1C is already normal. It’s just at 5.9% which indicates that his diabetes was reversed. He lost 45 pounds. Simonhas never felt this good in years. 
From size 46 pants, he is now only wearing size 40. Simon has been cured of diabetes. He thought that he would suffer the disease for the rest of his life. But he was able to change. 
Simon liked the low carb diet and he continued it. He also does 24 hour fasting for one or two days a week. He felt younger and healthier ever.

Case Study: Bridget

Bridget is 62 years old. For ten years, she has been sick with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease. Her weight is 325 pounds. Her waistline is 147 cm and her body mass index is 54.1. 
Bridget is severely insulin resistant. She needs 210 units of insulin daily just to keep her blood sugar in control.
Bridget is determined to get well. She committed herself to one week of fasting. She continued to fast for another two weeks.
21 days after Bridget started fasting, she did not have to take insulin anymore. She got rid of all her medications for blood sugar. When Bridget checked for hemoglobin A1C, it was only at 6.8%. That rate was better than when she’s still taking insulin. 
Bridget just took dapagliflozin for weight control. From continuous fasting, she adjusted to 24 hour fasting every other day. 
Before Bridget started the program, she has very low energy. She easily gets tired. Even going to Dr. Fung’s office is a struggle for her. 
Because of low carb diet and fasting, her energy greatly improved. Bridget can move around more. Her dress used to be size 30. Now she just wears size 22.
Bridget has not been taking insulin for three years now. She got rid of her other medications. Her blood pressure is consistently normal. She also lost 63 pounds. So much has changed in Bridget’s life since she learned the natural treatment for diabetes. 

How Type 2 Diabetes Became an Epidemic

In 1980, health professionals promoted the food pyramid. It became the standard of good nutrition ever since. At the base of the pyramid are carbohydrates like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. It was recommended that people should eat carbs every day. It should be the larger part of the diet. 
The result is that people became obese and more prone to diabetes. Between 1960 and 1975, the obesity cases in US are steady at 15%. From 1980 onwards, the percentage increased every passing decade. By 2010, 40% of Americans are obese.
In 1980, only 108 million people around the world are diagnosed with diabetes. In 2014, the rate quadrupled to 422 million. Diabetes affects all age groups, all races, all sexes and social status. It’s not just isolated in America. Diabetes is a global phenomenon. 

The International Diabetes Foundation projected that by 2040, 1 in every 10 adults worldwide will be sick of diabetes. Other diseases such as influenza, small pox, AIDS and tuberculosis have been controlled over time. Diabetes, meanwhile, is affecting more and more people at a very alarming rate.
The first record of diabetes is in 1550 BC Egypt. There is a medical text describing the condition of “passing too much urine.” Around that time also, in India, there is an ancient writing about the disease “honey urine”.
These evidences prove that diabetes has been around for 3000 years. Why then do we still seem to be powerless about it? Why can’t we beat diabetes? Why can’t we prevent the complications that come with it? Haven’t we found the cure? 
The answer for all these questions is simple. We have misunderstood the nature and cause of the disease. It’s time that we learn more. 

The Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Let’s learn how to diagnose diabetes. It can be done through blood tests. The first is hemoglobin A1C. It is more convenient. It does not require fasting and it can be done anytime. 
A1C measures the amount of glucose attached in the hemoglobin. A result of less than 5.7 % is normal. 5.7 % to 6.4 % is pre-diabetes while more than 6.5% means you already have diabetes. 
The second test is called fasting blood glucose test. It is where in the patient is asked to do fasting at least 8 hours before the test. A result of more than 7.0 mmol/L means the patient is diabetic.
The third test is called oral glucose tolerantce test or OGT. It is wherein the patient is asked to drink a standard dose of 75 grams of glucose. There is a two hour wait before the blood sample can be taken. For OGT, 11.1 mmom/L is diabetic.
All three tests are acceptable and accurate. However, A1C is more widely used because of its convenience and simplicity. 

A healthy person only has one teaspoon of glucose in his blood. Glucose does not flow freely. Most of them are contained in the cells. The body hormones make sure of that.
When the glucose is in our intestine, the pancreas produces insulin. This particular hormone moves the glucose into our cells to be converted as energy. The excess glucose is stored in our liver for future use. 
This is the ideal situation. There is no excess glucose floating in the blood and rotting in the organs.
Now, let’s learn about Type 1 diabetes. It used to be called juvenile diabetes for being predominant in children. But that idea has already been rejected.
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. The immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin. What triggers this process is still uncertain.
Type 1 diabetics have severely low levels of insulin. Doctors prescribe them with insulin injections. Their blood sugar levels improve. However, type 1 patients commonly suffer complications such as heart disease and kidney failure.

Let’s now learn about type 2 diabetes. 90 to 95% of diabetes cases all over the world are Type 2. There is greater risk in old and obese people. The disease progresses slowly year after year until pre-diabetes becomes full blown type 2.
The difference with type 1 diabetes is that type 2 is not autoimmune. Instead, in type 2, the patient becomes insulin resistant. The more blood sugar the patient has, the more insulin is produced. However, there comes a time that the insulin cannot handle the amount of blood sugar.
So the problem with type 1 is lack of insulin while the problem of type 2 is excess insulin. Type 1 can be treated by enough insulin injection. Type 2 cannot.
The key to beat type 2 diabetes is to get rid of the excess sugar in the body. In that way, there will be no excess insulin production and no increasing insulin resistance. 
As explained earlier, there are only two steps to reverse type 2 diabetes. First, put less sugar in. Second, burn the remaining sugar. Makes sense, right?

Case Study: Philip

Philip is 46 years old. He was admitted to the hospital because of his non-healing diabetic foot ulcer. He needs to be given IV antibiotics. Philip had the foot ulcer for 10 months already. The doctor regularly checks and cleans his foot. But it just gets worse. The doctor told Philip that he may have to be amputated.
He has been a Type 2 diabetic for 5 years. Philip was encouraged by Dr. Fung to try the low carb diet and fasting program. In the next one month, Philip did fasting for 48 hours once a week. 
True enough, his blood sugar turned back to normal. He did not need to take any medicine. The most amazing part is that his foot ulcer got cured.

Philip continued the low carb diet and fasting program for the next 12 months. His blood sugar is consistently normal. His foot ulcer did not comeback. He has lost 20 pounds in weight. 
Philip’s A1C is 7.2% when he was taking two medications for blood sugar. When he applied the low carb diet and fasting program, his A1C is only at 6.5%. 

Case Study: Sybil

Sibyl is 69 years old. She has been a diabetic for 10 years. During that time, she has also suffered from stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure. She had to undergo a triple bypass surgery.
When Dr. Fung met her, Sibyl has been taking 70 units of insulin every day for five years. She also had to take metformin and sitagliptin. Sibyl’s weight is 202 pounds. Her waistline is 117 cm and her body mass index is 35.8.
She started with the low carb diet and fasting program. Sibyl fasted for 24 hours every other day. Two months later, she did not have to take sitagliptin and insulin injections. 
Within six months, Sibyl has lost 30 pounds. Her waist line is 13 cm less. Her A1C is at 6.2%. Sibyl continues to work hard so that she could get rid of the metformin as well. 

The Whole Body Effect

Diabetes is the only disease that has the ability to destroy our whole body. It can affect all organs. The complications of diabetes are categorized into two. First is microvascular or small blood vessels. Second is macrovascular or large blood vessels.
Organs such as kidney and eyes are microvascular. They receive blood through small blood vessels. Any damage in these small vessels leads to kidney failure and blindness.
Organs such as the brain, heart and legs are macrovascular. They are supplied by large blood vessels. Any damage in these large blood vessels leads heart attack, stroke and leg ulcer.
How does diabetes cause blindness? Excess sugar in the blood rots the small vessels of the eye’s retina. This causes bleeding and scar tissue. The formation of scar tissue removes the retina from its normal position. Thus, the patient goes blind.

How does diabetes cause kidney disease? Excess sugar in the kidney makes the organ underperform. The kidney is supposed to take out the toxins in the body. If it fails, the toxins remain inside.
Diabetic patients lose 90% of the kidney’s function. They need the dialysis machine to artificially filter toxins and re-circulate clean blood once again. Patients need 4 hours of dialysis three times a week. Without dialysis, the patient will die. Not unless if they find a donor and have a kidney transplant. 
How does diabetes cause macrovascular diseasesor cardiovascular diseases? It is common knowledge that cholesterol blocks the arteries which limits blood flow. 
But how does cholesterol get into the artery? Diabetes is one of the reasons why. Excess sugar damages the large blood vessels.
If the arteries of the heart are blocked, the organ cannot receive blood and therefore oxygen. The part of the heart which lacks oxygen dies. Heart attack happens. 
If the arteries of the brain are blocked, the organ cannot receive blood and therefore oxygen. The part of the brain which lacks oxygen dies. Stroke happens. 

If the arteries of the leg are blocked, the organ cannot receive blood and therefore oxygen. The part of the leg which lacks oxygen dies. Leg amputation happens. 
Diabetes also increases the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, fatty liver disease, erectile dysfunction and ovarian cyst. The list goes on. 
Now, we need to address the disease itself and not the complications. If we target the excess sugar, there will be no need for heart bypass, kidney dialysis and eye laser treatment. 
The answer is low carb diet and fasting. Think of it. This simple program will make you lose weight and excess sugar. If you have less sugar, you will prevent damage in all your organs. That’s it. 
As soon as you’re diagnosed with diabetes, you can start the low carb diet and fasting. Your blood sugar and your whole life will go back to normal. 


You learned the facts about diabetes. You learned about insulin resistance. You learned about the low carb diet and fasting program. Now, that you learned about this natural proven effective way of reversing diabetes, will you go back to taking insulin and metformin? 
You have the choice to take control of your own health. Insulin resistance is real. It truly happens as we speak. Will you accept diabetes as a life sentence?  Simon, Bridget, Philip, Sybil and many other patients of Dr. Fung have succeeded. They have reversed diabetes. You can do it too. 
You can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life without complications. The choice is yours. 


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