The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

NameThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Image captionHarperCollins cover
AuthorC. S. Lewis
LanguageEnglish language
genre(s)Young adult, fantasy
Release date1950
Media typeHardback and Paperback

If the Pevensie youngsters, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are exiled from London in World War II, they are unaware of the exciting journey that they are about to embark on. In the dark of the country home that they are being sent to the children wander through an old wardrobe and enter the place of Narnia where animals speak and magic is everywhere.

The first story about Narnia composed by C.S. Lewis and describes the four children who, with the aid of Aslan The Great Lion aid in the fight against Narnia’s White Witch who is the one who controls Narnia.

The first child to venture into Narnia is Lucy who is the youngest. In Narnia, she is introduced to Mr. Tumnus the faun who reveals to her that the faun is an agent of the White Witch and that he is expected to capture any people he encounters. He states how the Witch has kept Narnia with an enchantment that means that it is always winter, and never Christmas. The only way that the Witch is defeated is by having four people take the throne in Cair Paravel’s castle. Cair Paravel.

When Lucy returns to her home, her brothers and sister are convinced that she is either lying or insane But the next day Edmund is following Lucy to the outside world and encounters Lucy’s White Witch who treats her with Turkish delight, securing the promise that he’ll take his siblings to her.

In the end, all of the children are taken through the wardrobe to Narnia. Then they embark to save Tumnus who has been detained and locate Aslan The Great Lion and take on the White Witch for good. It is a thrilling adventure, it is also an allegorical tale in its nature and tells Jesus’s death at the cross.

Aslan The Lion of the West is Christ character who sacrifices his life in order to save Edmund’s. While on the hunt for Aslan, Edmund betrays his family members and is taken to his fellow travelers in the White Witch becoming her prisoner. After his rescue as a child, the Witch confronts Aslan and demands Edmund’s life due to his treachery. Aslan then agrees to the Witch in Edmund’s place and she kills him.

While the girls Lucy and Susan are watching in secret, Susan is cut off from his mane tied and killed. While they are in are in despair, he appears before them again, alive and guides them to Peter’s army to defeat the Witch for ever.

The children live in Narnia in which they grow to become Kings and Queens, having numerous adventures, until they find themselves exploring the woods, and are able to return to their world via the Wardrobe. They are back as children and realize that no time was ever wasted.

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