I’m gonna help you get One Percent Better, so let’s talk about this guy named Julien who was a very successful lawyer. Now when I say successful, I mean that he was famous, rich, and he fought cases only to defend some really wealthy people. He had a big mansion, a private jet, and of course, a Ferrari. But even after achieving these huge things in his life, he was not satisfied. He wanted more fame, more money which led him to a point where he was working for almost 18 hours a day. As a result, he got divorced, he barely interacted with his family and boy did he look like an 80 year old man even though he was just 53. 

                    So once during a regular courtroom session, he felt some pain around his chest area and suddenly he fainted. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors divined that he’d just got a heart attack. When Julien came back to senses, doctors advised him not to go so hard on himself, as he really was not in a position to sustain all that pressure. They asked Julien to quit his job and to live his life peacefully with all that he has earned. This came as a shock to him. I mean, he had been winning all cases his entire life, but when it came to the case of his own life, he looked like a loser. He took a few days to digest this fact and slowly he started to realize all his mistakes. So one fine morning, he took a very bold step. He started selling every materialistic thing that he possessed. He sold his mansion, his private jet, and yes, he even sold his Ferrari. Once he was done selling things, he set out on a journey in search of the true meaning of life. This journey was towards the mystical land of India across the great Himalayan range where these Indian monks resided. These monks were not ordinary, as they were among the people with the highest level of wisdom, and they were capable of liberating the potential of anyone’s soul, body and mind.

                           Julien had his sources from where he got to know that these monks live happily for more than 100 years, that too with the energy of a young man. It took him days to find one of those monks who upon listening to Julien’s story, agreed to take him to their secret village. Julien started living there with those monks in that village. Watching Julien’s dedication, the monk leader decided to teach Julien the principles of life on a condition that Julien will not keep that knowledge to himself. Rather, he would spread it to the outside world. So the monks started narrating a story. Imagine you’re sitting in a beautiful garden which is full of different types of trees, flowers, and you can see many birds chirping around. The flowers in the garden smell really nice and you are having a good time there. You notice that there’s a lighthouse in the middle of the garden and suddenly the door of that lighthouse creaks open as you can see a sumo wrestler coming out of the lighthouse. It’s really weird to look at the sumo wrestler, as he’s just wearing underwear made of thin wire. He wanders around and finds a golden stopwatch lying in the garden. As soon as he tries to pick it up, he slips and he falls on the ground, lying motionless. After some time, you could see that he gets back to his senses, probably because of the nice fragrance of the rose in the garden and he looks towards his left. On his left was a path paved out of small diamonds which led to a place where the sumo wrestler can find all the happiness in his life. He starts walking on that path and soon gets out of sight. Now I know you guys might be feeling really weird, so did Julien as this is no story. He asked the monk if this was some kind of a joke as this story made no sense at all. The monk then said that this is no ordinary story, as this story has seven biggest principles of life. He then went there and started explaining the story,leading it to its hidden meaning.

The first principle is related to the garden.

                   The garden in the store symbolises our brain. If you sow good seeds you’ll eventually have nice fruits on trees, good plants bearing beautiful flowers, and nice smooth grass. But if you put garbage inside the garden, or if you just stop watering the plants, the place will soon turn into a dump.

Similarly, if you flood your brain with positive thoughts like kindness, love, empathy, and if you keep motivating yourself, your brain will develop into this beautiful garden bearing good thoughts. This will help you achieve great things in life with inner peace. But if you think negatively or if you don’t give your brain some regular exercise, it will turn into this garbage dump which can only yield something poisonous. It’s rightly said, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop.

The second principle is related to the lighthouse

                    Lighthouse which symbolizes goals in your life. A lighthouse shows the right direction to the ships sailing in an ocean. Similarly, we should choose the right path in our life. You can only reach a destination if at all you know your destination. Choose the target and work on achieving it. You might have to face some difficulties while moving towards your goal. But if you’re constantly moving in the right direction, sooner or later you’re going to reach your destination.

The third principle is related to the sumo wrestler

                       The sumo wrestler which symbolizes kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word which means continuous learning and improvement. Like a sumo wrestler has to be very specific with his diet and discipline to achieve this huge physique, we need to always keep learning. One Percent Better has always been focusing on how we should inculcate the habit of reading books because books are the best mentors. Not only do you learn things from books, but you always keep improving in every small thing that you do in your life. Moreover, books are a consolidation of everything that the authors have learned in their entire lifetime, and you can have all that knowledge in just a few hours. Isn’t that amazing? So my point here is to take part in every activity which you think can help you improve in your life.

The fourth principle is related to the underwear

                           that the wrestler is wearing which is made up of wires. Interpret self control and discipline. It might be small and thin but without that underwear, the wrestler will be naked, and that really won’t be a pleasing sight. Now if you have seen cable wire from inside, you might be aware of the fact that it usually is made up of many thin wires which together form a cable. These thin wires might be weak alone, but when put together are even stronger than an iron rod. Similarly, our self control and discipline is made up of every small thing that we do in our life. Be it waking up early or eating healthy. We feel that these small things don’t really matter. But in reality, these are the only things that matter. You won’t see an instant impact, but in the long run, these small things can bring some big changes in your life and they will define who you are as an individual.

The fifth principle is related to the golden stopwatch

                     Which symbolizes time. No matter how rich or poor you are, you only have 24 hours in an entire day, not even a second more or less than anyone else. But the way we utilize these 24 hours is what makes us happy or sad, rich or poor. Most of us have this habit of procrastinating which is nothing but a waste of time. By the time you’re done with building castles in the air, someone else out there just signed a huge profitable deal. By the time you wake up in the morning, someone else is running from the gym feeling fresh, fit and happy. Now when I say time is golden, it doesn’t mean that we should always keep working, no. Instead we must enjoy and have some fun activities in our day-to-day life. And what’s really important is to manage everything in those 24 hours. Every successful person knows how to manage time. So they manage to do every single activity in the same 24 hours that each one of us has got.

The sixth principle is related to the fragrant rose.

                  There’s one really famous saying in China which means that there’s always little fragrance remaining in the hand of those who give flowers to others. So here this flower and its fragrance symbolizes social cause. Doesn’t matter how much you earn or what heights you reach, satisfaction of helping others is priceless. No wonder why some really rich people in today’s world do charity work, investing their hard earned money in developing some rural village, and many more things. So if you want to have that priceless feeling of happiness and satisfaction, help others selflessly and you’ll find yourself happy most of the time. 

The seventh principle is related to the path of diamonds 

                 These diamonds represent the small moment of happiness which comes our way in life. These moments are always in the present time. Our human brains are designed in such a way that we tend to get disturbed thinking of our past and worrying about the future. You never really enjoy the small happy moments that we have in the present. It can literally be anything, playing with your kids in a nearby park, or maybe spending some quality time with your partner. These present moments are supposed to be lived in the present and these are the real diamonds in our life. If only you understand this now, you are really going to be good at relationships, and well, a real happy, contented person. So guys, these were the seven lessons which the monk taught Julien which completely changed his life. As promised, Julien spread this knowledge to the outer world, and that is what we all should do to help our loved ones get all the happiness in life. So share this video with everyone you care about and subscribe to this channel for more videos which will help you become One Percent Better.



  This has been taken from Robin Sharma’s book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. These are ten ancient yet supremely effective rituals. If you apply them on a daily basis you will observe remarkable results in just 1 months from today. It takes about a month to fully install a new habit the key is that you must keep on practicing them everyday if you want to keep on seeing the results.

The First Strategy is the Ritual of Solitude.

                 This involves nothing more than ensuring that your daily schedule includes a mandatory period of peace. Its purpose is self renewal and is accomplished by spending the time alone in the beautiful blanket of silence. The ritual of solitude works best when you practice it at the same time everyday because then it becomes integrated into your routine as a ritual and if possible Commune with nature daily take a walk in park , roam in a garden or take care of your plants. Do whatever you can.

 The Second Ritual is Ritual of Physicality 

              It is based on the principle that as you take care for the body you care for the mind as you prepare your body you prepare your mind take some time every single day to nourish the temple of your body through vigorous exercise get your blood circulating and your body moving and also practice deep breathing for few minutes daily.

 The Third Ritual is Ritual of Live Nourishment

                       A poor diet has a pronounced effect on your life. it drains your mental and physical energy it also affects your mood and hampers the clarity of your mind now you will ask what to eat live foods are the answer basically live foods are those created through the interaction of sun air soil and water I’m talking about fruits and vegetables but Robin Sharma also talks about life of moderation and doing nothing to extreme so if you like meat you can certainly keep eating it if you don’t want to be a strict vegetarian at least start having salad with every meal and fruit for desserts even this will have a huge difference in the quality of your physical life.

 Fourth Ritual is Ritual of Abundant Knowledge 

                    It centers around the whole notion of lifelong learning and expanding your knowledge base the ritual is all about being a student of life read regularly reading for 30 minutes a day will do wonders for you but don’t just read anything be selective read something that will improve both you as well as the quality of your life every answer to every problem you have ever faced is in print all the mistakes you will ever make in your life already been made by those who walked before you all the problems anyone has ever and will ever face in the course of their lifetime have already been made more importantly the answers and solutions to these problems are all recorded on the pages of the books few suggestions made by Robin Sharma are Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography and Napoleon Hill’s think and grow rich the next ritual is…..

Ritual of Personal Reflection

                    By taking time to get to know yourself you will connect to a dimension of your being that you never knew you had take the time to think get into a regular habit of personal introspection the only way to improve tomorrow is to know what you did wrong today there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes but there is something very wrong with making the same mistakes over and over again this is what ritual of personal reflection is all about figure out what is right and what is wrong in your days and in your life then start making immediate improvements

Sixth Ritual is Ritual of Early Awakening

                   One of the best piece of advice Robin Sharma has given is to rise with the sun and start the day off well most of us sleep far more than we need to an average person can get by on 6 hours and remain perfectly healthy and alert for the first few days you may feel very tired you will always feel a little discomfort when you are installing a new habit its like breaking into a new pair of shoes at first it’s a little hard to wear them but soon they fit like a glove it is the quality and not the quantity of sleep which is important 10 minute period before you sleep and 10 minute period after you wake up have great impact in your subconscious mind only inspired and peaceful thoughts should be allowed into your mind at those times and remember ancient rule of 21 if you do anything for 21 days in a row it will be installed as a habit.

Seventh Ritual of Radiant Living is Ritual of Music

             Spend some time everyday listening to music when you feel down or exhausted play some music it is one of the finest motivators next ritual is

Ritual of Spoken Words

                  While what you say to others is important even more important is what you say to yourself you are what you think about all day you are also what you say to yourself all day long your self image is governor of sorts it will never let you act in a way that is inconsistent with it the beautiful thing is you can change your self image and the mantras are a great way to do this the words you say to yourself affect your self image and your self image determines what actions you take so only say wonderful things about yourself to yourself keep saying in your mind that you are positive confident and can do all things everything with the help of God.

Ninth Ritual is Ritual of Congruent Character

                   This ritual requires you to take daily actions to build your character, do the right things, act in a way that is congruent with true character, act with integrity, and be guided by your heart the rest will take care of itself.

The Final Ritual is Ritual of Simplicity

            This ritual requires you to live a simple life focus only on your priorities those activities which are truly meaningful to your life lifelong happiness does come through working to realize your dreams you are at your best when you are moving forward the key is not to make your happiness contingent on finding that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow happiness is a journey not a destination true life changes is spontaneous it happens in the blink of an eye the very moment you decide from the deepest core of your being that you will raise your life to its highest level these ageless principles have to be applied daily.

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