Trending Stocks: –

Trending Stocks: –

The data analysis portal assesses each stock list on the Major US Exchanges. We don’t predict. We report. A stock or ETF is trending or not. No guessing. Trending Stocks helps DIY stockholder in growing their wealth and managing risk. It recognizes the top-trending stocks and ETFs at the end of every business. 

Trending Stocks make it easy to take risks, lock in the gain and ride your victory to grow profits. Best trending stocks at the end of every business. Easily identifies stocks that are trending over varying periods.

Trending Stocks

Plans & features

  • Lifetime access to Trending Stocks.
  • You must retrieve your code within 60 days of buying.
  • All of the details you need require to make instruct investment and trading decisions with simplicity.
  • See every trending stock and EFT on all major US stock exchanges at the end of every business day.
  • You can see autogenerated terminate  loss calculations on every stock and EFT based on multiple criteria
  • It also provides a Unique Rank and Rating system with in-depth information at a peek.
  • Control risk with the Business Risk Calculator and terminate Loss calculations.
  • Must Identify sector trends in insertion to individual stock and EFT trends.
  • Take weekly Hours meetings where you can ask questions and learn more about Current Trends 
  • You must use your agent when buying stocks or ETFs.

Best for: –

  • Accountants
  • C-suite
  • Influencers


Technical Stocks is best for special accountants (Chartered Accountants), C-suite (C-suite refers to the executive-level managers within a company), and all the influencers available on social media. 


Step 1: Get Started

Register for your 4-week free trial, no credit card will require, no commitments. Your trial includes all access to Trending Stock’s features.

Step 2: Select

Choose stock criteria based on your objectives and goals, risk tolerance, and desirable transaction size.

Step 3: Audit/Review

Access your convention report which spotlights every trending stock that met the criteria you set according to your requirement, identified by rank and rate.

Step 4: Invest

Log in to or contact your preferred agent, place your purchase order, and set your trailing stop-loss position. You’re in control. Get ready for more wealth, and less worry.

About the founder: –

John Duffy is the co-founder and Developer of Trending Stocks. He has spent 10 years designing, developing, testing, retesting, making design changes, doing additional development, and of course Testing – then more testing! And he continues to test and refine.

Why Did he Build This Platform?

He lost a great deal of my life as a result of the Dot Com bubble bust and the Financial Crisis. Like others, He bought, He held, and He lost.

It took around 14 years just to get back to even. Can you just assume losing 14 years of investing chance? 

As a result, He was on a mission to find a better way to invest!

During his research, He discovered the trend following strategies described in the book, The Complete Turtle Trader. A light bulb went on.

He did a great deal more research and looked for software to help him invest using this strategy.  He wanted something comprehensive And easy.

He couldn’t find any that fit the bill and since he has a background in complex software development, He decided to build my own.

He has spent 10 years designing, developing, testing, retesting, making design changes, doing additional development, and of course Testing – then more testing! And he continues to test and refine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question: – Does this use artificial intelligence, or is artificial intelligence being considered, or on the roadmap?

Answer: -No,  at this time they don’t use AI in the platform. They feel that there are potential risks that they do not want to expose their Members too. It is definitely something they will be watching and paying attention to in the future though. 

Question: -Can I see the current trend for the index as well as individual stocks or ETFs? For example,  what is the trend of the Nasdaq index?

Answer: – They provide information on any stock, ETF or Index as long as it is traded on one of the US Exchanges. We created Trend Strength 4 for stocks/ETFs, etc. depending on their volatility! Always use Trailing Stop Loss Orders!

Question: -You examine the stocks and trends. Will explain why some stocks saw an uptick or downtick?

Answer: – They follow the Trend Following strategy, similar to Momentum if you are not familiar with Trend Following. They analyze every stock and ETF on the major US exchanges every day to identify those that are trending. They do not attempt to explain why some stocks performed as they did. But they do provide information on details such as trend strength, stop loss positioning, etc.

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